Ghost Town Rounds: Blondie Round One


So I’ve been using this Randomizer thingie Deedee showed me. Giving me random situations for my Sims. Two of the Blondie’s are by Slyndsey and Tilda was made by Sadepaiva. In CAS, Isaac and Tilda had two CAS kids. Owen and Dolores (named after Lolita from the book Lolita).


Isaac Blondie is still trying to hold onto the last pieces of his youth, his wife Tilda is pushing for another baby, as far as Isaac is concerned his child-rearing days are over. Isaac’s sister moved in with them until she got on her feet, Tilda hopes that Marcie’s uncouth ways don’t rub off on the children. Owen is just settling into his teens, his parents are worried that he spends too much time gazing up at the sky through a telescope, instead of meeting people is own age. Everyone loves Dolores, everyone sees her as an angel. Though Owen knows first hand how much of a brat little sisters can be. (my attempts at a bio)

The ROS roll said that, one of the sims would try to make a living off of date gifts, I figured Marcie would be perfect for that and the other part too. Having a baby. Though spoiler alert only one of these happened. But I might let her do that for now on try to get gifts out of dates for a living. Anyway on with it!GT_1.16_2

Dolores begged for a dog, so the family took her down to the pet shop to find one. She fell in love with Oliver instantly. I think the whole family likes him pretty much. Instead of heading home, they all hung out around the store meeting the local Sims.


Well until Dolores got cranky.. Calm down kid D: There’s something about her that seems so freaking mean! D: Plus I think she has very few nice points..


Marcie met the owner of the pet shop, Chess. Though Chess is married, this didn’t stop Marcie from flirting.. >.> I kept canceling her action, but Marcie kept on. I’m surprised they didn’t take advantage of ACR and got it on in the photo booth.


Believe it or not, Tilda has a favorite child.. Owen seems to occupy her wants instead of Dolores. Owen might be my favorite too. xD he’s so adorable. Wait til you see close ups of him.


Marcie: So.. um,you come here much cutie?

Chess: Of course.. I own the place.. *swoons*


Bad Oliver!:|


Marcie begins her haunt. Starting with the dreaded Matchmaker. AAAAAHHHHHHH!

GT_1.16_12 GT_1.16_13 GT_1.16_14

Let’s say that Marcie and Tamara’s date goes extremely well. There even was a jingle.. o;

GT_1.16_15 GT_1.16_16

Dolores brings home Napoleon Morrison home from school. Dolores finally has a friend, of course after she holds him at gun point.. >.>


Marcie and Isaac find amusement out of watching Owen eat.

Isaac: I bet you can finish that Mac & Cheese in a minute!

Marcie: Bonus points if you get a noodle in your nose!

I’m pretty sure Isaac and Marcie will never grow up.


I told you guys that Owen is super cute D: He’s into the fellas, but so far I can’t find any townies that fit his likes.. I found one, but I can’t find him. And Owen hasn’t met him. I’ve decided if I send Owen to college I’ll find his special someone that way. I might even add some teens to the next family.


Marcie: Oops. Perhaps I wasn’t as careful as I should be. Oh well, maybe  I can get child support out of this. I’ll take that bitch for everything she’s got!


God Isaac is so handsome. But he’s in trouble. He was spying on his neighbors.. Shelby and Chess.

Shelby: What my wife and I do in private, is our business! We can see you over here with your damn telescope!

Isaac: *Ignores*

GT_1.16_21 GT_1.16_22 GT_1.16_23

Marcie doesn’t let her pregnancy stop her, she meets her new victim Marsha. Like that chick from the Brady Bunch (my least favorite Brady Bunchion :|) Sadly Marsha doesn’t give us fancy gifts, just stupid flowers she probably found on someone’s grave.  Marcie didn’t appreciate her cheapness.



Since she’s in her last stage, Marcie feels she should tell Tamara about their baby.


Isaac: YES I’m going to be an uncle! Finally! >:|

Marcie: Shut up you idiot!


Tamara: I didn’t even know I was going to be a mother til, like a day ago!


So Rhys was born, his mothers weren’t very excited, but Isaac definitely was.


Before leaving to wherever she’s from, Tamara attempted to get to know her son.  I had more, well I thought I did, but I guess that’s it. What happened that didn’t get pictures is, Tilda found out she was pregnant, had a baby boy, his name is Max (I couldn’t think of a better one I gotta start back referring to my name list especially for the fellas), Marcie and her son and the cat who didn’t get to many pictures, actually none at all. I think I have two more families to set down and play a round before going back to Marcie.


Sims 2: Allen Family-Chapter 3: Don’t Trust a Slore

We start with Teagan having her romantic interest over. Her name is Willow. yay I finally remembered. She likes to play with their fridge.. Weirdo. (This chapter contains brief nudity and dirty words.) I get Cora a sewing machine to … Continue reading

Sims 2: Allen Family Chapter 2: Beware of the outdoors

I’m in a Sims 2 mood, plus I’m still setting up a world in Sims 3 for my Wilders. So I really need some downtime playing so that’s where Sims 2 comes in. I’m making quite the big jumps, because … Continue reading

Sims 2: Allen Family Chapter 1

snapshot_5feec196_3feec515 snapshot_5feec196_ffeec520


This is Cora-Blue Allen. I felt like attempting at a legacy for Sims 2. So I decided to plop her on a big lot with hardly any money. She barely had enough money to buy a toilet. But we got around to getting one.




Cora-blue looks for a job in Culinary, she finds one. Her life time wish is to become a celebrity chef.

Her personality points are: 5/8/6/0/6.


snapshot_5feec196_7feec60aCora-Blue: I thought I would be like some founders and wouldn’t have a shower or toilet!

snapshot_5feec196_5feec6ce snapshot_5feec196_3feec768

Cora-Blue meets her neighbors.  Instantly she buddies up to them. She’s a popularity sim. snapshot_5feec196_1feec86c snapshot_5feec196_9feec8af

Cora-Blue and John Mole hit it off in a different way than the rest of the neighbors.

snapshot_5feec196_bfeec928 snapshot_5feec196_5feec9c3 snapshot_5feec196_dfeeca34


It’s safe to say Cora-Blue might be in love. o;



Cora-Blue also becomes friends with Hannah Bell.

snapshot_5feec196_9feecdca snapshot_5feec196_9feece37


The next day Cora-Blue invited John over.



Since she’s so damn broke, I decide go ahead and let her marry John. He bought it in quite a bit of money.



They celebrate by woohooing on the sofa outside.. Classy.



Queue the vomiting..



snapshot_5feec196_bfeed7df snapshot_5feec196_dfeed924 snapshot_5feec196_3feedb93 snapshot_5feec196_9feeddaf snapshot_5feec196_3feeddc6


Here comes the first baby. :3



Cora-Blue: Have a great day honey!

John: You too!

snapshot_5feec196_ffeedf32 snapshot_5feec196_dfeee020 snapshot_5feec196_3feee063


The first baby is a girl, Arcadia.

snapshot_5feec196_bfeee18e snapshot_5feec196_dfeee24d


Can’t take the babies too long, so I usually instantly age them up. I dunno why or how she got that skin. But I don’t care.

snapshot_5feec196_3feee30a snapshot_5feec196_3feee32d snapshot_5feec196_ffeee334 snapshot_5feec196_3feee36e


snapshot_5feec196_ffeee5a3 snapshot_5feec196_dfeee67f snapshot_5feec196_3feee701 snapshot_5feec196_3feee76b snapshot_5feec196_dfeee965 snapshot_5feec196_ffeee977 snapshot_5feec196_bfeeebfa snapshot_5feec196_3feeec34


Arcadia aged up :3

snapshot_5feec196_bfeef278 snapshot_5feec196_bfeef2b7 snapshot_5feec196_dfeef56b snapshot_5feec196_7feef599 snapshot_5feec196_9feef788 snapshot_5feec196_5feef7e2 snapshot_5feec196_bfeef802 snapshot_5feec196_1feef84b


Cora-Blue is pregnant again, she also joins a food contest  and wins.

snapshot_5feec196_5feefbed snapshot_5feec196_bfeefc65 snapshot_5feec196_9feefcdc snapshot_5feec196_dfeefd05 snapshot_5feec196_5feefd37 snapshot_5feec196_3feefec5


Cora-Blue gets into gardening while pregnant. Sorry I forgot the new baby’s name ;_;



John: Dear Diary, I think my wife has been drinking heavily. She passes out through the house at all times.

snapshot_5feec196_bfef013a snapshot_5feec196_5fef01dd snapshot_5feec196_bfef01f6


Cora-Blue becomes quite the gardener. [insert witty ending here]

Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview families -3

snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92a30c snapshot_5f92a30b_5f92a31d snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92ab86 snapshot_5f92a30b_3f92ac1c snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92ad1f snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92ad89 snapshot_5f92a30b_7f92aed8 snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92afa0 snapshot_5f92a30b_bf92b059 snapshot_5f92a30b_ff92b06a snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92b272 snapshot_5f92a30b_7f92b383

So long story short, Zeke as a teen creates a servo, I dunno if I’ve mentioned that. Well Griffin meets a gal named Rue, they have a baby while still living with the Cooke family. Running out of room I get them their own small place. Their daughter is named Pearl.

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f92c88a snapshot_1f8660a9_9f92c911 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f92ca62


Daniel is still getting it on with the ladies.

snapshot_9f8adf20_df938d44 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff938d9a


So is Rhys, but in college form.



Meredith got sunburnt.

snapshot_9f8adf20_5f939442 snapshot_9f8adf20_bf939505 snapshot_9f8adf20_7f9395ad snapshot_9f8adf20_9f9395d6


Lucy and Kade graduate. Rhys gets a sunburn.

snapshot_df939d29_ff939d2a snapshot_df939d29_1f939e17


I move the last of the Cooke kids and a few other kids around town to college. I didn’t get many pictures. I’m sorta tired of the college scene. After this bunch I’ll probably stop sending them. It makes their careers far too easy D:

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f93a9e0 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f93a9f4


Kade and Lucy get married in the backyard in front of their parents.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961590 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f961634 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff96164a snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9617d2


Shortly after Lucy gives birth to twins. What’s with my game with twins? This is Caleigh and Haven.

snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961839 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961884 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961959 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961b38 snapshot_5f8110c9_df961c40 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f961c7e snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961d10 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961d2b snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961d4b snapshot_5f8110c9_1f961e19 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961e3e snapshot_5f8110c9_ff967d23 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f967e10 snapshot_5f8110c9_df967eb6 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f968308 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9683a5 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf9683d9 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff968460 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9684df snapshot_5f8110c9_1f96851a snapshot_5f8110c9_1f968593 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9686ee


snapshot_5f8110c9_5f968b02 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f968b8f snapshot_5f8110c9_7f968eb6 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96902c


Julien created a servo named Mickey. Mickey Honeysuckle to be exact. A lesbian. Why do all my servos have brown eyes ._.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96932e snapshot_5f8110c9_1f96938b


Now that Julien is retired he wishes for a lot of big boy toys.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f969405 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f96973b snapshot_5f8110c9_bf969861


snapshot_5f8110c9_9f9698fe snapshot_5f8110c9_bf969906 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f969961


Lucy is having their third child. After that no more.



Julien also takes  up gardening.



snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a10a snapshot_5f8110c9_7f96a3b0 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f96a4ac snapshot_5f8110c9_df96a4e3 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf96a539 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a576


The twins age up.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a5a2 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f96a926


snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96b8ca snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96b8d7 snapshot_9f96b8c9_9f96bea8 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96bf16


I move onto Zeke who has graduated with his wife Abbey.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96c3a6 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96c3bc


I may or may not be getting better at decorating.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96d015 snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96d585 snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96d645 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96dd59 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96df9f snapshot_9f96b8c9_3f96e033


snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96e3e8 snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96e772


Did I mention Zeke and Abbey are doing pretty well. They’ve got themselves a maid. You know to witness child births and stuff.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_ff96e7ee snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96e943 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96e958 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96e9d0 snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96e9e5


They have twin boys. Once again what’s up with my game always giving me twins.. It’s a cruel joke most times. This time it’s not so bad since they didn’t have any children to begin with.

The boys are named Theodore and Sydney.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_ff96ebba snapshot_9f96b8c9_df96ec4c


I realized Kingsley the darker skinned of the twins has Pandora’s skin color! That’s awesome. Then that’s Theodore in Abbey’s arms.

Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview Families – 2



So we start our sims adventure in the University world with Kade and his friends. (I should stop titling it Adventures xD I dunno what else to name it tbh)





I love dirty jokes about skiers


This is probably the only time the Uni cheerleader makes sense. All the other times she’s a pain in the ass.


I dunno if I’ve mentioned this, but Dustin is like the handy man around the house. He fixes everything.



I think it’s so cute how these two follow each other everywhere.





snapshot_9f8adf20_9f8ec9ba snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ec9d7 snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8ec9fc


One day while Dustin is busy, I try to get Dirk to fix the computer it does not end well.. But he doesn’t die, so that’s the main point, he didn’t die. The hobby lady looks so concerned. She’s sorta cute for an npc.

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ed2c9 snapshot_9f8adf20_9f8ed2d3


Thank God for Lilith, she’s always willing to do some pretty mean things to annoying people like cheerleaders.



God, Dirk is so weird.. Just staring at his girlfriend’s sister sleeping, pretending he’s looking at a painting.. You can’t have both Dirk! This is no sick weird soap where a guy goes after both sisters.



Ugh how cute can you get right? They’re doing homework facing each other D:



Kade and Lucy visit Jennifer’s clothing shoppe. Jennifer In the World to be more correct.

snapshot_9f8adf20_3f8ed9b8 snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8ed9d7


When Jennifer finds out what her daughter was doing in the dressing room with Kade, she is more than mad.

snapshot_9f8adf20_bf8edc55 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8edc79 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8edcb2


Kade invites his mother and little sister over.



As does Lilith invite her little sister. Who Angela has yet to meet her other siblings, maybe she chooses not to acknowledge them?

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8eddf1 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ede65


They always give me more reasons to love them.

snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8f94e9 snapshot_9f8adf20_bf8f9522






Sunburnt cheerleaders are never attractive.

snapshot_9f8adf20_df8f9e83 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8f9e98


I spoke a little too soon didn’t I? Yeah he got electrocuted. But he’s alive!

snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8f9fc2 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8fa030

You’d think the cheerleader would learn her lesson and keep away from this house.





To keep Angela busy I give her a garden.

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8fa78c snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8fabae




The gang throws a party, inviting their parents. Well just Jennifer and Daniel.





Dustin learns that nature isn’t always that safe. Especially when you piss bees off.



Soon my babies will be out of this whole Uni fiasco thing D: it’s so boring sometimes having them in Uni.



Pandora moves her pottery store to an actual store. Pandora’s box of pottery.



snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8ff541 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f8ff639 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8ffd26


snapshot_5f8110c9_7f900243 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf900285


For Zeke helping out making pottery, Pandora treats him to dinner.

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f900339 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f900349 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9003b9


After dinner they hang around playing pool. Because that’s what cool moms do.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901990 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901a7b


I dunno what’s going on with Zeke’s hands and face.. but it’s weird. I think he’s trying to impress or entertain Abbey.

snapshot_5f8110c9_1f901a9c snapshot_5f8110c9_1f901aa7


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901ad6 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901add snapshot_5f8110c9_df901b84 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901db1 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901deb


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901e32 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f901e75


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9020b3 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f902177 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9024fb snapshot_5f8110c9_ff90263f


Pandora and Julien get old. That means no more accidental  babies! Best news ever!

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f9026be snapshot_5f8110c9_7f902712 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf90275f snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9027c8 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9027e3


snapshot_5f8110c9_bf902c31 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f902cf6 snapshot_5f8110c9_df902e69


Zeke builds a servo, who happens to be quite cute underneath all of the metal. Robots need love too, so of course I got him a girl via magic ball.







snapshot_5f8110c9_9f903c0e snapshot_5f8110c9_9f903d4b snapshot_5f8110c9_7f903e91


The trio, Conrad, Cole, and Melody age up. They look really cute. The boys are straight, while Melody is gay. Which is freaking awesome, I haven’t had a gay sim in like forever.

snapshot_5f8110c9_df903f76 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f903f96 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f903fa5


This is Melody’s girlfriend Steffi.



Everyone loves Griffin, oh I forget to say the servo’s name is Griffin.



Only problem with dearest Griffin he cooks entirely too much! Though I’ve saved his deserts for later on.

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f904120 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9041ac




These two have nothing else better to do but watch tv. At least they watch it together.



Jennifer and John age up too.



So does Selena, who turns out to be a super duper cutie if you ask me. I didn’t see this coming really.

snapshot_2dd72caf_bf9143d8 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f914437 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f91444a snapshot_2dd72caf_df9144db


snapshot_5f8110c9_df914622 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f914655 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9146c2 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f9146e2


Oh yeah Griffin’s little girlfriend is named Rue. I keep forgetting to mention main parts to what’s been going on in my game. Forgive me. Well Griffin asks Rue to marry him, she says yes. How could she not? Right?



snapshot_5f8110c9_bf914b33 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f914b5a snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914b6d snapshot_5f8110c9_1f914b79 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914b9b


I kept this wedding stuff up, since Kade will be coming on home soon and having his wedding hopefully *-*

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f914d73 snapshot_5f8110c9_df914db6 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f914dce snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914e1a


That’s not what you do to your girlfriend Melody!

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915041 snapshot_5f8110c9_df91505a


Conrad meets the paper girl, Amy. Who is very cute. @_@

snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9152f8 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf91533d snapshot_5f8110c9_1f915378


I really have to stop finding them love as teens, because I’ll end up wanting their romances to go to college with them D:

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f91559e snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9158c5 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f915961


Pandora and Julien have a anniversary party.



Rue goes into labor.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915c38 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f915c3f snapshot_5f8110c9_3f915c4f snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915c58 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f915cc5 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915ccf


She spits out this adorable handy work. Who I really would like to play with later. D: I moved Griffin and his little family out.

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f9160ed snapshot_5f8110c9_ff916152 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9161ec snapshot_5f8110c9_7f9164ba snapshot_5f8110c9_ff91652f snapshot_5f8110c9_9f91657d snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9168e1 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f916917 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf91696b


Pandora who has a ton of time on her hands decide to devote it to her store. She gives the girls all new uniforms. Hires a new sale-lady. Pandora’s Box of Pottery is very successful. I had her buy a new store, maybe have a bakery but that’s not working out, so I’ll let her sell it and try something else.

Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview Families

  [Picture heavy- You have been warned] So, my sim Pandora married a premade named Julien Cooke. She took his last name and popped out like 3 baby boys. The oldest Kade just aged up to a teen. He’s quite … Continue reading

Selah’s Sims Adventures- Pleasant Family-2



So I want Mary-Sue to actually find some love. True love preferably. So I grabbed her a guy via magic ball. His name is Jake. He’s not too bad looking really, and they have triple bolts!

snapshot_cdae71fd_7f88560c snapshot_cdae71fd_3f88563f snapshot_cdae71fd_bf885673 snapshot_cdae71fd_df8856ac


Things progress very fast. Mostly anonymously.



He even moves in, and here they are in bed. I really need to change her bed and stuff. Still reeks of Daniel I’m sure..

I even heard a jingle! So this means one thing, marriage!



Jake asks her to marry him after dinner. She says yes of course. They have a quickie wedding. Oh yeah, bought a ton of money into the house, so I decide to let Mary-Sue have her own business.



I didn’t give the girls the same jammies on purpose.



snapshot_cdae71fd_7f895ffa snapshot_cdae71fd_1f896037 snapshot_cdae71fd_ff896061


Mary-Sue opens up a grocery store, where she also sells pin ball machines because I hate the sound of Sims playing them >:|

snapshot_cdae71fd_ff8960bb snapshot_cdae71fd_5f896236 snapshot_cdae71fd_5f8962e0




Dustin shows up at the store, and Angela figures this is the perfect time to give him a mind blowing kiss.





Don shows up with no money and just to browse >.> so I make him go home. I hate when they do that. My Sims are trying to be profitable >:|

snapshot_cdae71fd_9f8980d4 snapshot_cdae71fd_ff8983d5


Mary-Sue opens another business. A toy store, it’s not as successful as the grocery store, but it’s a start.

Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: The Burb Family – 1

snapshot_2dd72caf_ff87a77e snapshot_2dd72caf_1f87a79e snapshot_2dd72caf_df87a7e3

After leaving Daniel and his hookers lady companions and his children, I decided I  wanted to play his sister’s family. I always thought they were really pretty and maybe interesting to play.

John is a very good father, always dancing with Lucy. While Jennifer is trying to be the bread winner of the house. She has dreams of opening up her own store eventually.

John wants the best for his daughter, so he invites the headmaster over.


Lucy is very ambitious, but until she gets more creative skills I’m hiding that damn violin.


After dinner they find out Lucy will be able to get into the school.




snapshot_2dd72caf_bf87b880 snapshot_2dd72caf_9f87e672


John: This is a really nice book isn’t it Jennifer..?

Jennifer: Sweetie I’m working right now, we’ll talk about your book in a moment.


This is how they talked about that book.


They’re so cute together D:


After school, John and Lucy walk to the park across the street.

snapshot_2dd72caf_1f88011a snapshot_2dd72caf_df88016b snapshot_2dd72caf_ff880182

They fish for a while. :3

snapshot_2dd72caf_3f880216 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f880253




It’s a wonderful summer day when they head back home, so Lucy asks her father to have a water balloon fight with them.



As always Jennifer is getting to know the passerbys.



Jennifer throws a party, and I believe somehow only Angela Pleasant makes it.

The party was a hit either way I remember.






Lucy invites Alexander over and he brings his dad Mortimer over. When he asked to bring a friend, I thought he’d bring someone his age.. weird xD



Blue vomit can only mean one thing, baby time?

snapshot_2dd72caf_5f881a4f snapshot_2dd72caf_5f881a83


Lucy’s birthday rules around, so Jennifer throws her a party.



Mortimer makes himself at home.



The party wasn’t a hit.. So Jennifer is quite sad.

snapshot_2dd72caf_1f88221e snapshot_2dd72caf_5f882255


snapshot_2dd72caf_5f882b12 snapshot_2dd72caf_3f882c8a snapshot_2dd72caf_df882ce2


With Jennifer on maternity leave, I decide to let her open up her own clothing store. She proves to be quite the saleswoman.



Quite the dancer in between.






snapshot_2dd72caf_df883747 snapshot_2dd72caf_bf883800




Jennifer invites her nieces over, to try to get to know them better.





Now I don’t mind leaving the violin out, she can play fairly well now.







Lucy rough housing a possible boyfriend.. >..>



Jennifer also wanted to become better friends with her brother Daniel.



They’re so cute D:

snapshot_2dd72caf_df885263 snapshot_2dd72caf_7f8852fe snapshot_2dd72caf_9f8853da


Jennifer has the baby, a little girl name Selena. I think she looks more like John in the face, but she’s still cute :3

Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasant Family-1


So I’m taking a mini break from Sims 3. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Sims 2, so it still feels so new to me. I open up the Pleasant family. Everyone knows the story, the wife is too busy to give her husband some lovin’, the husband desires the maid. The two girls are close to ripping each other apart. We as simmers have the choice to rip them apart, or try to make it work. Here’s how I did it.

Lilith: Ew do they have to flirt in the open like that? They do have a bedroom..

Angela: I’d rather see him flirt with mom, than feel the maid up!

Lilith: This is sick either way! Besides what the hell do you know anyway.. Miss Goody Two Shoes..

Mary-Sue and Daniel flirt for a while until it’s time for her to head to work, and the girls to head to school.

Still thoughts of the maid invade Daniel’s mind. Let’s face it Daniel is a player  dog. So I believe I’m doing a favor for Mary-Sue.



So Kaylynn cleaned the house, well not clean.. She didn’t clean shit, she just charged them 11 dollars. She will pay! >:| Well anyway. Kaylynn asks if she can stay over. Daniel says yes. Mainly because he wants to get her between his sheets..

snapshot_cdae71fd_3f8656f7 snapshot_cdae71fd_bf865717




Mary-Sue sees red when she catches the two together. As would I.



Cassandra happens to ring the doorbell before Mary-Sue kicks dear Daniel to the curb.





Kaylynn moves in briefly, she apologizes for what she has done.

Kaylynn: I swear Mary-Sue I didn’t know you two were married! He said he was single, and that you were just his baby mama living with him..

Dustin: Is Bullshit one word or two Mrs. Pleasant..?

Mary-Sue: Watch your mouth Dustin! Ugh whatever I saw this coming, just get the hell out of my house.

In the divorce, Mary-Sue got the house, most of the money, and the girls. So we can say she won.



After everyone leaves, Mary-sue invites the Headmaster over, to try to get the girls into the best school. I forgot to take pictures of all of it, but they get in.

snapshot_1f8660a9_3f8660aa snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8660b7 snapshot_1f8660a9_3f86613c


Daniel and Kaylynn move into a small house that I’m far too lazy to decorate. Their romance is heated, but Daniel has no intentions on marrying Kaylynn. Though she is crossing her fingers.

snapshot_1f8660a9_df866226 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf866243


Mary-Sue’s parents show up, so Daniel pulls out the good gelatin and lets them eat. Though they are very displeased by Daniel’s awful uncouth behavior.



They spend tons of time like this.. I also turned jealousy off, so Daniel can work on his life time wish.

snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86642a snapshot_1f8660a9_bf86644c


Kaylynn finds out she’s pregnant, she’s ecstatic of course, but she wishes she could say the same for Daniel. He has yet to acknowledge her pregnancy.

snapshot_1f8660a9_1f866531 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f86656c snapshot_1f8660a9_ff8665d8 snapshot_1f8660a9_1f86662b snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86665f


He invites Nina Caliente over. They get quite chummy.


snapshot_1f8660a9_ff866893 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8668c0


I force Daniel to marry Kaylynn. After all it’s the “Right” thing to do, plus it’s like torture for men like him! Let’s watch him squirm!



Mary-Sue walks by the house quite often. It usually ends like this, they refuse to acknowledge each other.

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f8669cc snapshot_1f8660a9_9f866a59 snapshot_1f8660a9_df866ac8 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf866acf snapshot_1f8660a9_ff866b53


Daniel meets a vampire lady, let’s call her Contessa for now! Contessa moves in because I really wanted to learn about the Sims 2 vampires. After a while that whole vampire thing got annoying though.



With the vampire lady moving in, she brings like 50k into the household. Allowing Kaylynn to pay off Mary-Sue. With enough money anyone can be your friend, or at least pretend to like you.



Mary-Sue is no longer angry with Kaylynn, but she still wants to kill Daniel. I think Mary-Sue is sooo cute D:



Contessa loses her vampireness. Thank God, and she turns out not to be too bad looking.






snapshot_1f8660a9_bf8673eb snapshot_1f8660a9_5f867581 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf8675a3


Kaylynn ends up with twins.. Which I am slightly annoyed with, my game has been giving me a lot of twins, and it’s not funny or enjoyable anymore.

The redhead is Meriel I believe and the black haired one is Meredith.

snapshot_1f8660a9_bf867ff0 snapshot_1f8660a9_df868010 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8680bb


Daniel woos a burglar. Who turns out to be not so bad looking at all. The silly hats they hide the beauty of in this game..

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8681a6 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8681b5


Daniel grows old. The girls don’t find him as attractive anymore.. They don’t rush to try to kiss him and stuff, which I find hilarious! They just congratulate him.



Daniel may not be catching attention from his main girls, but he still ropes them in.





I figured it’d be fun to take the redhead out, it was a dream date.





Mary-Sue, who has sorta cooled off. Mainly because Daniel is all old now, and time heals all, and Lilith come to a party Daniel throws.



Daniel toast to his lovely wife and ACR(who helps him not get in trouble for cheating on this lot)

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f869639 snapshot_1f8660a9_9f86965e


Lilith meets her sister.



Mary-Sue: You’re not so bad for a cheater’s daughter huh..?

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8696e5 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf869701 snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86975a snapshot_1f8660a9_3f86977f


While the party is going, Contessa has the babies in the bathroom. Two girls. This makes six kids for Daniel. He’s not having anymore.. If he beds one of the girls, it’s the after pill for both! >:| No more! Knowing my luck it’ll be twins again.

But anyway the twins are, Phoenix and Penny.



So that I don’t lose my mind, I age the girls up. Who don’t look too bad at all.



Now that Daniel is older he is deciding to be an actual father. Though I’m sure the girls get confused and think he’s their grandfather of course!

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f869ad3 snapshot_1f8660a9_ff869b21


Here are the girls, Phoenix and Penny, don’t ask me who is who, because I haven’t got the foggiest idea! Somehow they both got brown hair.. o.O Weird, but I won’t change it.



Daniel is being more loving towards these set of minis than the other set. D:



The divorce is still coming down hard on Angela, who believes the world is perfect. Unlike her sister.



Mary-Sue’s parents move in to help out. Mostly make sure the girls do their homework and don’t kill each other.

snapshot_cdae71fd_5f869df7 snapshot_cdae71fd_9f869e58


Eventually I play long enough for both Mary-Sue’s parents to pass away. snapshot_cdae71fd_df86a123

Next time I play this household, I’ll freeze Mary-Sue’s aging, let her actually have a legit love life, maybe figure out what to do with the girls. But for now, this is it. Thanks for reading.