What I’m building ATM

This is what I have so far. A barn and a house. The outside is pretty much complete, I just need to do landscaping e.e Which I dread… I prefer working the interior more than the exterior.

That’s the actual house. I know it’s not much but it’s a start. I usually start working on the first floor. And then the second.

This is t he kitchen.. The only room I’ve started on. So slowly but surely this will be on the exchange to upload. But at the pace I’m going I’m not sure if it’ll be done anytime soon.

This is the garden. The Sims I have living here while I build the husband, who is a premade Sim, is interested in gardening. So I figured I’d give him  a garden. And a fence to go around it so the pets don’t go trying to eat up all the produce and such. Because they will have at your garden if you don’t put a fence up.

I’m not so sure of the chairs >.< I wanted them to sorta match the walls a little bit. Dx

I’m unsure about the rug Dx what do you guys think?

But for now it’s time to clutter up those counters to make them look like a real person’s house.

Uh I think that’s enough clutter.. At least for me.

All this wood makes me think log cabin! o . o Now this is all for now 🙂 I think I should go make some Sims now.


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