Building and Hey Arnold and Gabriel Iglesias and other horrible stuff I’m up too

Does anyone remember Hey Arnold.. Well I’m watching that as  I build. I’m like in love with that show! o . o So now I’m on the sitting room/music room of the house. Well put it like this it’s a room. Slowly but surely I’m getting things done. I’d like to get it all done tonight.. But Rome wasn’t build in a night I’m told. Plus I’m going to need sleep in a few hours. But for now I’m fueled on laughing at Hey Arnold and music! 80s music to be exact 🙂

That’s a part of it. I’m going to make a premade Sim do upgrades around the house. Especially on that daggone fireplace >:| Selah no like fires..

The living room type part isn’t really that creative I know.. But I’m okay with that.

I made some Sims especially for this house.. Emilia and River 🙂 River will be a farmer, and Emilia will ride horses. 😀 I can’t wait. Which is why I’m sorta rushing this..Of course I’ll be uploading it. Should I put it on mediafire or whatever? I mean I’m sure I’ll put it on the Sims 3 exchange.

This is the launder room. It’s very tiny because well you don’t need a big room to do laundry.. And besides my sims hate doing laundry. I like doing it.. It’s the putting up the clothes part I hate, I think I still have some clothes in the drying from like last week! o . o So I just uhh pull clothes out as a I need. I’m lazy… >.> But you still love me right?

And I’m watching Gabriel Iglesias: I’m not fat. o.o I want to like marry him.. Or like clone him.. And marry his clone *-*


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