That house I’m building and oh yeah I hate placing windows :X

Hey there. You see my Sims handling the plants I buydebug’d there. Cause in the Sims plants get withered over night e.e

Ugh v.v What have I got myself into!? Soooo many rooms.. The room with the most natural light going into it is the master room. And the biggest room is the activity thingie.. Okay this might help if I label it. Hold on I’m pulling up gimp >:I

But anyway.

I hate placing windows more than Batman hates parking his own car…  But now they are placed… This is so intimating ;-; But okay I guess I’ll put a plain color over everything and then start with one room at a time just like the rest.. I’ll probably start with a bathroom or the kid’s room or the fun activity room or master bedroom.. Something fun *-* The spare bedrooms aren’t food fun >:I and instead of typing fun I almost typed food.. God.. I know where my head is today right?

Sorry it’s so small 😡  My dumbass should have used a more brighter color >.<

That’s it in a nutshell.. Now I’m going to try and get some of this done! Wish me luck? :3?


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