I can’t sleep worth a dime, so Sims, thoughts on music, hipsters, vampires

I’m sleepy yet I can’t sleep so I figured I may as well get up. I should maybe get back to writing my Temperance thingie, so far all I have up is chapter one to it. I’ll get more up later  I suppose right now I’m working on chapter two. I also had to pull back up my addiction of course.

But in the event I decide not to play the Sims, I may be looking up gimp related things to do. To keep myself busy. After all idle hands are the devil’s workshop you know. I haven’t missed with Gimp in a while. I used to do photo manipulation on there. I probably won’t be doing that, mostly because I don’t feel like looking for stock photos >.< And then having to give credit to all the stock owner’s I used.. ._. It’s important to give people their credit, but eh I’m such a lazy Selah.. So none of that photo manipulation. But maybe I can learn something new, and apply it to a picture of one of my Sims? I’m sure once I find out what I wanna do as my 3am hobby I’ll probably end up wanting to try to go back to bed >.<

So I dropped our adventure duo in bridgeport.. Mostly because Starlight Shores is too mainstream.. -puts on hipster glasses, that have no glass in them- o – o Okay I kid you. I don’t own hipster glasses. I have modern type glasses, that have a semi thick frame, that have real glass or whatever you call it in them.

For music sirus radio isn’t giving me anything >.< well I mean nothing I like is playing so, you know what that means playlist times!? Here’s my list, it was 1000 songs but now it’s like 900something e.e It’s a little bit of everything since I do infact listen to a little bit of everything. Though I stay away from stuff like trance and techno.. They give me an awful headache when I listen to them.. I have tons of friends that actually like that. But whenever they’re playing stuff like this I just get up and leave. The last thing I need is a headache.

Ivory wanted to take up sculpting. So since they have a cheap small apartment, they had a ton of money left so I figured what the hey. She could get some wishes tossed away while I’m at it.

I’d like to maybe sculpt one day. Eventually I need to get back to my first hobby, drawing. It’s been so long Dx  every time I try, the pencil feels so foreign in my hands. I do a lot things, uh crochet, sew, uhhh what else >.< I think that’s it. I write to, you can call writing a hobby too right? I mean I’m not good enough to be a pro at it, but I still like doing it when I’m up too it.

Nikola waits on a neighbor to come in. Some chic decided to greet Nikola and Ivory since they’re new to Bridgeport. Ivory is almost done with that sculpture. @_@ I love it when they sculpt ice, and then when they do more than twenty-five and every ice sculpture they make won’t melt! 😀

Oh meet Polly. An awkwardly dressed woman in Bridgeport. I mean.. If it weren’t for the socks and sandals.. Okay I can’t lie, I do wear socks and flipflops during the winter.. But only random the house. I likie my flipflops, so I’m not going to let coldness stop me.

Then a vampire by the name of William. That’s a nice name for a vampire. Nikola wants to meet the vampire.. Oh God.. that’s a gateway wish for wanting to be a vampire.. I don’t think I want Nikola or Ivory to be vampires.. But we’ll say. As my mother says “We’ll play it by ear” o – o

I really don’t like vampires in the Sims 3. I never played  Sims 2 for the computer so, I don’t know about the ones from there. But I really hate how the vampire virus, I guess you could call it that right? Well I hate how fast it spreads. Before you know it the whole town is either a vampire or a celeb. Maybe both sadly. But with Twallan’s SP I think >.<, I think it stops that whole vampire thing from happening except for here since it already has vampires. I also hate the bad moodlet it gives my Sims. I’m the type of simmer that hates to see their Sims with bad moodlets >.< And I also hate notification clutter. Like a bunch of notifications up, I have to click them away cause I’ll get annoyed I guess.

The plaid covered girl is Kirby. And Polly creeps me out :|She seems like the type of Sim that makes it their mission to creep you out. I doubt she smiles. And I think usually story progression doesn’t say much about her, so I guess she’s boring. But then again I don’t play in Bridgeport often. I’m usually in Twinbrook or Sunset Valley, and recently Starlight Shores. But all in all I prefer Twinbrook. I suppose because I know the Sims there so well.

So I make Ivory and Nikola get to know their neighbors. Because well you never know when you need to borrow sugar or what have you.

Somehow watching a vampire move like that, doesn’t make him seem scary or tough.. Does it?

I’m sure Nikola feels the same way.

Oh this is funny.. William’s last name is Fangmann >.> really EA? Oh so obvious. But it could be worse right? William Vampire?

Oh apparently we’re boring William.. I haven’t got a clue how to entertain a Vampire named William Fangmann.

After the neighbors leave, Nikola books a flight back to China (Sims version of China) Shang Simla is what it is called.

While I was waiting for the game to load, I found this! Stencil pillows next time I buy fabric or actually buy stencils. I may do this. Like probably like stencil my favorite lyrics on an old pillow case I guess. @_@ next time I’m out, I’m defiantly pricing stencils.

But now, Nikola and Ivory finally arrived there, his first mission was to find a bunch of mercury, well metal I think.

I sent Nikola and Ivory off to the market to pick up things like dried food and etc.

After that I sent them back to the basecamp, where Ivory made them dinner. Now I think I should go on back to bed. Because once the sun starts to come out here I’ll probably never get back to sleeps ;-; it’s 6:22am now >_< See ya later everyone 🙂


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