World Adventures

So since I’m boredish, I decided to give that whole “letting my Sims survive only on looting in tombs” Thing. This time with two sims instead of one. I’d love for you to meet the newly created Sims Nikola and Ivory.They are boyfriend and girlfriend. I got them to buy the cheapest house in Starlight shores,well I think it was the cheapest, I didn’t bother to check around more. But anyhow, here they are.

After giving both of them the little tablets from the Sims 3 store, I decided they both should go workout or something before heading off to China.

Here’s Nikola working out. I’ve never been fans of treadmills e.e I’m always afraid I’m going to fall off of it and make a full of myself. Back in highschool, I took an all-girl’s weightlifting class and they had one, I’d use almost everything else but that damn treadmill.

I probably should be in bed.. it’s 12:34am. My cut off limit is like 1amish or 2amish. I’ve been bad lately and stayed up longer ;-; But anyway while I’m up I may as well play the Sims. God, the Sims is one hell of an addiction.. At least for me @_@

Ivory is mostly tagging along to keep Nikola company, like a good girlfriend should. You know, like talking to him while he’s trying to get into a cave. Don’t get me wrong, she may do some of the tomb getting into stuffs. She also shares the adventurous trait with Nikola. Right now I’ve got her reading a recipe or something. I mean it’s nice for my Sims to have a vast choice of foods to cook. Anyone else like that? And also I got her a inventor skill book to keep her company while we do caving type thing. I doubt it is called caving, but I’m calling it caving >:| breakkkkkk me off a piece of that kit-kat bar! o-o Sorry that jingle is stuck in my head. I’m not a fan of kit-kat bars. But I’ll smack someone’s mother for a hersey’s bar.

But at this moment I am having Nikola and Ivory fullfill any wishes possible in the hometown. Ivory wants to visit the art gallery.

Work those buns Nikola! I think Nikola is quite sexy. I’d like to pull him out of the game and put him in my real life *-* Anyone else agree?

Alright I’m stupid, I saw his reflection in the mirror and thought there was another guy in there working out with him  o . o

This may seem idiotic of me.. But to give them more money I sold all their stuff like evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverything.. Stove, toilet, counters, etc.. So I’m hoping when they come back they’ll come back with double of what they have now. Because this is how they will make their living.

Finally they were there. I had Nikola look for an adventure.

And ohhh never type in babyboom cheat.. O_O Tip of the day from Selah.. Now I think I’ll try and find another town for Nikola and Ivory to start in.. >.<



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