Nikola, Ivory, Lu, and Salvador, and also me reuniting with Laverne & Shirley

While in China, Nikola became best friends with Lu. Mostly all on his own free will. I may have chipped in every now and then, I also fulfilled wishes for him. But eventually one thing led to another (On their own free will I had no helping in this so don’t go blaming me…) Nikola and Lu started to develop feelings for Lu. Ivory didn’t find out luckily. While I wasn’t look, these two freaks… risky woohooed. He also made a wish to move her in the house.. Where we later found out both she and Ivory were pregnant. >_< Lu walked in on Nikola romancing his wife, so Lu got super angry. She has a temper. So we couldn’t have all this drama in the Vaughn household, and besides the house was small enough as is. Lu was already sleeping in the garage, or where the garage used to be. Lu, decided to move out. Well I sorta kicked her out, where later she found an apartment better than the house Nikola and Ivory lived in.

After finding a genie lamp, the Vaughn family came into a large sum of money. Well enough to move into this lovely EA created home. I had Nikola go down to the consignment store and buy this time machine. Because well time machines are fun, I don’t know from first hand but they sound fun. So think about it? Isn’t there a time in your life where you could have used a time machine? But judging by this, time machines are very dangerous. Luckily Ivory came out unharmed, since she was carrying little baby Vaughn. But Nikola got a “boo-boo” but you know Nikola, he’s a tough son-of-a-gun.

This is one of the cats we adopted. Mojo, who is Plum’s mate. He’s quite a good hunter, here he is scaring the bird he caught for us. He also caught us a turtle.

This is little Salvador. He’s got two half siblings that I don’t remember their names but I know one is a girl and one is a boy. Yeah Lu had twins. We never hear from her at all. Maybe that’s a good thing. I love drama in my gameplay, but I can only handle but so much. I like Nikola and Ivory together. So I rather not break them up, for some onenight stand.

Nikola is so far a good father. He hasn’t met his two other children yet, but I fear to make him go visit Lu’s place. She might bite his head off >.< or worse their little affair could start back up. So I think I’ll wait until they are children and just invite them over or something.

I’m in love with how Nikola looks. I hope Salvador turns out to look like him. so far I think it’s a mix of his mother and father’s genes. For now Nikola and Ivory will have to hold off on traveling, at least until Salvador is old enough to join them. I just don’t approve of leaving a toddler alone with two cats for days on end. >.< I’m sure some of you agree. But perhaps we’ll leave Ivory here to take care of Salvador and the cats? Maybe. But first I’d like to get Salvador brushed up on his toddler skills.

Here’s another cute picture of Salvador! In a moment I’ll show you his siblings.

The kitties have beds and such but they like sleeping in weird places..

And like the counter.. I don’t approve of.. But since it’s not my house, I guess it’s okay.

This is the girl, I forget her name >.< She’s sorta cute. We’ll have to see how she grows.

This is Amit. I actually remembered his name. He’s alright.. But he’s got nothing on Salvador.

I’ll post more later. For now I’m going to talk to some friends, continue idly playing with tape, and watching tv. I was watching Larerne and Shirley earlier for the first time since  I was a little girl. I’ve always wanted a shirt with a ‘J’ on the breast part or on my skirt like Laverne did with her clothes. Maybe once I get better at sewing I can sew a J onto all my clothing.


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