Voodoo Doll o- o

A friend of mine gifted me this voodoo doll. That was super nice of her. I was excited to try it out. Here is my freshly made Sims, Billie and Victor. Billie is the girl if you haven’t gathered that yet. She’s Victor’s daughter. Evil daughter at that. She was more than happy to use the voodoo doll on her father.

Okay here goes voodoo spam. Keep in mind that this is just a toy (Sims voodoo doll) It’s not really suppose to be realistic.

It was quite entertaining! It tickled me pink when I found out she gifted it to me. Because I wasn’t expecting that at all! So a big thanks to her 🙂

And oh if you’d like to download the family I used to test this here they are. And if you’re a part of the Sims 3 community and would like the doll I can link that as well 🙂 Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll



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