Sims: Rae Gannon and Claud McCormick

I made new Sims recently. Rae Gannon a want to be star, who will step on any one to get what she wants. And Claud a musician who is only being used by his girlfriend Rae.

This is Rae, who happens to be cheating on Claud with a ghost. >.> She tried for a baby with him. And now is currently pregnant. Ghost babies?! O_ O

This is Claud, our geeky musician, who I find very cute.

Oh Claud is a coward. So he passed out a ton of times in front of the ghost, right now he’s telling the ghost about some sort of conspiracies.

Oh yeah, Rae can be a little mean. She’s playing with the voodoo doll.

I adore Claud! Here is the download for Rae and Claud.


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