Twinbrook Chronicles: Chapter One

First off let me state this is just another mini story type thing. Who knows if it’ll continue or not. But I felt like writing about it. 🙂 Enjoy. Featuring Astrid Vollan.


I had gotten married to this old geezer over night at the little casino down the street. I had done it just for his pension check. Which happened to be only 70 simoleons a week.. Yes, that’s right, I’m having his child right now as we speak. Times are getting tough, the only money I was depending on before Juan was, for my paintings. They barely made any money at all. So almost religiously I’d go down to the casino to try my luck. Normally I had very good luck, just awful timing. While I’m screaming loud enough to break the windows in this tiny shame of a shack, Juan walks around waving his cane at the furniture. He’s senile and crazy.. Not a good match. I don’t know what I was thinking, honestly. I hope you don’t think I always look for my boyfriends in the nursing home? Because I don’t! I just wanted quick money.. I don’t even think Juan knows where he is.

My eyes were popping out of my head.. Well not literally.. But that’s how it felt. Juan barely noticed me, he just sung his little song louder. I hope this child doesn’t have Juan’s sense of style. Somehow I feel that’s the least of my worries with this child I’m having.

Hazel Vollan was born, and as you can see her father could careless. He was talking to the invisible ring he swore out he had on his finger. Hazel was mentally touched like her father.. This should be interesting nevertheless. I’ll love her all the same.

I placed Hazel into her swing, as I went into the kitchen for a snack. Then off for a nap. Giving birth can be tiring apparently.

Meanwhile, Juan was on the porch cursing out the columns. He’s being very productive.. He didn’t bring along his invention desk when he moved in so it seems he is a little bored. If I weren’t taking a nap, I’d let him go visit his friends. But someone has to watch Hazel.

Maybe I shouldn’t allow him to watch Hazel alone.. He may mistake her for a pillow or something..

While Hazel was having her birthday, Juan wandered off to the neighbors house. Where he decided to blow up their stove.

“That’ll teach those damn gnomes!” Juan screamed walking away.

Apparently, Juan had set the denote timer wrong.. So I’m sure you can guess what happened?

I don’t think we’ll have neighbors for long..

On a good note, Hazel didn’t turn out too bad.

I looked over across the street, to see this.. Apparently Katt doesn’t believe in curtains, on a side note she does believe in seducing other woman’s husbands.. I am not pleased.. Her walls are very thin also. I heard everything..

So Katt thinks she can get away with that? Well maybe she used to in her young days.. But she can’t get away with it now..



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