Selah and Marius Sims ;3 And Madame Shadow

Okay you may have seen 1998’s Les miserables correct? Well I was so fascinated by Marius from the movie that I wanted to make a Sim of him. That of course is married to my Sim >.>

Here is the download link. Marius Pontmercy.

In case you haven’t seen the movie or forgot how he looks. My version doesn’t look exactly like him but hey I tried. If I get better hair anytime soon I’ll switch the hairs and reupload but for now Showtime hair will do. There is no CC on Marius.

And oh I made a new Simself too! With the Pontmercy lastname >.>  Selah Pontmercy Rolls off the tongue so smoothly right?


here is new Simself chilling in the Sauna’s tub.


Then Simself decides to drown poor Hal the duck.. I don’t care for birds but Hal was my home skillet as the kids say these days.

And also I made Madame Shadow, she’s a Sim I’d like to use if and when I get Supernatural, which I am excited about. More excited than Batman gets when Robin shows up in nothing but tights xD baaaaaaazing!

Madame Shadow is a little wanna be witch who scares people off her lawn.


Here is a picture of Marius, he doesn’t look like Marius from the movie much. But I still loves him! *-* *Grabby hands*


More pictures of my Marius and as usual you’re more than welcome to download him. And eventually I’ll kick back up my Twinbrook Chronicles, with a different Sim of course.


Now Simself and Marius want to get it on in the time machine. Anyone else wondering what a child of theirs would look like? xD Simself and Marius tried for a girl in the Sauna.


Woohooing in a time machine isn’t safe. I love how Simself isn’t even looking back to see if he needs help! Some wife you are Selah!


He’s wishing for happiness. As if he doesn’t already have it Dx He is stuck  living in a castle with Simself! What the pancake mix!

Then Marius decides to skinny dip, which I won’t show you since I have the censors off. That pixel stuff annoys the batman shorts off me e.e

And then Simself Selah decided 3am is a good time to watch the stars. Being in a basement on the Sims sorta makes you forget about the time honestly. But that’s all for now 🙂 You’re welcome to my downloads just please do not reupload! ❤

Sincerely Real Selah


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