Random stuff in Sunlit Tides

I decided to finally get some good play time in Sunlit Tides. Before I was very focused on Hidden Springs, which was given to me shortly after Sunlit Tides. I think the gifters that gave me these two very much. But anyway, I’m pretty in love with the new patch, well the new skin colors cause well, I like it :3 They should have been had it.

So I made a new Sim named Benella Starks. A blueish teal woman who was going to be a ghost hunter. Here is her story.

This isn’t Benella but this is Momo, one of the Simselves. She’s running somewhere I don’t know. Somehow I imagine an explosion going off behind her as she runs. I’m sure she might too.

The one with the purple hair and blue skin is Benella.

“You might wanna throw water on that grill.” Queenie said holding her nose. Because well burnt hotdogs stink.

*Sings Police’s Don’t stand so close to me* Don’t stand so close to me! Yeah that’s a little too close Simself and Queenie.

Making faces at each other is  sooo much funner than watching the pretty Sunlit Tides’ sky isn’t it?

“I’m going to need a drink if I’m going to live with all these Simselves..” Zoey said making a drink.

When she gets home, I decide to let her try out the chocolate fountain that the naughty Snoop gave me. I told him not to gift me, but mercy people don’t listen these days xD

Later that morning the creepy ice-cream man watches Benella’s house. Probably waiting for her to come out in her nighty. I wonder what EA was thinking when they made this. I mean it’s cool and all but does it have to watch your house like a homicidal maniac?

“Why don’t you have pants on?” The mail, lady asked Benella.

“Because I’m poor and I don’t have any pants!” Benella screamed. “Now get off my porch..”

“Oh now I feel bad.. You can borrow mine if you want.” The mail lady mentioned.

“Ew no why would I wear someone else’s pants?” Benella said with her hands on her hips.

Benella was growing tired of being single. So she made a trip to the fountain.

“Here goes nothing..” Benella said kissing the frog.

“Uh fountain.. I asked for a tall male.. I want a refund.” Benella said eyeing the girl oddly.

“Uh I’m right here..” After Benella asked her to just be friends she walked off as if nothing happened.

Long story short, Benella spent most of the day trying to find a man in the fountain, they kept giving her women.

Here’s Snoop by the way. The one who gave me the chocolate fountain. It seems the family I dumped all the simself guys in makes Snoop take care of the baby. He doesn’t seem to mind. I guess it was take your pretend daughter to work day at the military base right?

Instead of busting ghost, Benella decided she needed a snake.

“A blue ghost hunter!? Why I’ve never seen such a thing!” Boltz said in excitement.

Benella decided she wanted a daughter or son, so to the fountain she went. But she also learned some things you just shouldn’t wish for.

“Oh great I’ve got a mom who’s a ghost hunter and a sludge..” Lynnette said.

This is Lynnette the evil child of the fountain. To bad the fountain doesn’t have refunds. I believe Benella could seriously need one now.

Finally Benella got what she wished for.

“You two need to move out of my way so I can wish for a woman to cheat with on my wife..” Daniel said with his hands on his hips.

“Daniel why don’t we do that anymore..?” Mary-Sue asked gazing at the couple.

“Because I’m tired of being married..” He mumbled under his breath.

“What was that..? Do I have to get out the belt..” Mary-Sue stared at him.

“It was nothing dear..” Daniel said. “How about we get home and sauna woohoo?”

“Okay good. But wait I have some paperwork due first..” Mary-Sue happened to be too busy for woohoo!

After marrying the stranger from the well. Benella got a call from someone saying that a ghost was taking over their couch.

Who knew ghost liked couches anyway.

By the way that’s Benella’s war face.

“That’s very tasteless Lynette!” Screamed Westley.

“You’re not my dad anyway you green wannabe hulk..” Lynette said continuing to drink from the fountain with a straw.

“Maybe this was wrong..” Westley said to himself staring out of the window. “I shouldn’t have rushed into this marriage.”

Westley gave a call up to his old roommate Ashley.

This is Ashley she’s sorta pretty but she’s no Benella.

Soon after Westley asked to just be friends with her. This sludge isn’t even breaking up his family.

“You’re nothing but a sludge Ashley! I heard what you did behind the bushes with that old man!” Alrighty then.

“I know you’re starving and all but I was wondering if we could get back together.” Before Westley, Benella was dating this poor chum.

“Ewww I’m married now! Not mention pregnant.” Benella said pushing the flowers out of her face.

Benella came home to enjoy chocolate with her hubby. Later I had them move since I want to build them a more spacious house.


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