Sims 3 Supernatural: My wannabe review


Let me first say, Supernatural has kept me more entertained than any EP everrrrry!

This is Eleanor my witch.


This is my fairy and werewolf. Who just got married in this shot. They’re an awfully cute couple.


Eleanor is evil and mean and also very lady like. Glove slapping is her favorite thing to do.


Eleanor caught Beau, our werewolf scratching up our lovely gnomes. So of course she had to teach him a lesson.


The lesson back fired of course.


Beau likes to eat very wildly, so the very proper Eleanor and Sir Marco don’t care for this. Sir Marco is on the couch. He was a vampire, until Eleanor asked him to foresake his vampireness for her. And he did.


Belle our fairy loves to play tricks on people. Both her and Eleanor are pregnant.


Belle also goes around town pranking everyone.


Sn also comes with Bonehilda. She’s from Sims 2 I think. She cleans, takes care of the kids, pets what have you. She’s cheaper than a maid and butler combined.


I gasped so hard when I saw this *-* You can sit in the rocker with your baby or toddler and they’ll fall asleep in your arms!


I also learned werewolves make very good daddies.


If you don’t say awwww when you see this picture you should get slapped with my flipflop.. I’m just saying. That’s damn adorable.


Sir Marco decides it’s a good idea to feed the bees and gets enough stings to become their leader.


The purple one is Rogue Cromwell, Eleanor and Sir Marco’s son. And Tulip is Belle and Beau Hathaway’s daughter.



And of course Eleanor is up to no good. But this is okay this woman is a paparazzi person and they’re okay to torture.


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