Current game play(Picture heavy)

Let me start by saying I didn’t realize that Sims could woohoo in the wardrobe. Did you?

This is now my favorite moodlet and also the wardrobe is now my favorite place for my Sims to woohoo.

*Le gasp*

Before the wedding Eleanor lectures Rogue on his clothing, in hopes he won’t wear his undies to his wedding.


Just as my Sims get to the wedding, all the guest are partying up a storm.



Beau better be glad Belle isn’t the jealous type.












I didn’t know werewolves were so emotional…


Is it me or does it look like Belle and Beau are trying to cross over to be together?




So this is their first dance. Interesting.


Last picture. I adore this one! I think I may edit it and make it my computer’s background 🙂


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