Being Sparrow: Chapter One

It was my 21st birthday. My parents always loved throwing birthday parties. I being the oldest, was not an exception. We gathered around the kitchen table in front of an frosted vanilla cake with 21 candles on them. Mom had written my name, Sparrow, in light blue icing. My real name wasn’t Sparrow, it was Luke. Every since I could remember everyone called me Sparrow instead of Luke. I thought Sparrow was my real name until I started preschool. Both of my parents stood of either side of me, while my little sister Carmella stood beside my father.

Just as I blew out my candles, the door bell rung. It was the mail man, my aunt Tessa has sent me a gift for my birthday. It was a magical jelly bean tree. My aunt had known all sorts of magic, so this tree was very possible. In the note attached to the tree it said enjoy, nothing more than that. Every chance I got I ate some of the jelly beans. Little did I know that too many magic jelly beans could led to instant death. Before my death, my father and I had gotten into a huge argument. Over something petty. I forget all of the details, but it concerned my long hair. Being old school as he was, he feared seeing his son turn into a “hippie”, but honestly I wasn’t trying make him hate me. I liked my long hair, my long hair wasn’t influenced by anyone or any fad. The Grim Reaper explained to me that I had unfinished business on this Earth before crossing over. What this unfinished business was, I had no idea. I tried asking the Grim Reaper, but he vanished before my eyes.  I sat and thought on it for a long time, I tried to contact my family but they couldn’t see me or hear me. Then it hit me, I had never fell into love. Who would love a ghost?
Eventually my family would to move to another town. A town by the name of Hidden Springs. It broke my heart as I saw them drive off in the station wagon. I tried once again to call for them, but they heard nothing. They just kept on going. I could see my mother crying from the passenger side mirror. I gave up on calling after them once my voice began to become hoarse. I gave in and began to wave them goodbye forever. I was left in Moonlight Falls. There were too many memories in our old house, but where else did I have to go? As far as I knew no one could see me, so therefore I had no one to stay with.
I hated looking into the mirror, I didn’t see my flesh skin tone any longer, or my long black hair. I saw just a purplish tone covering me of my entirety. One day, this whole situation got the best of me. I got so angry I took down all of the mirrors in the house. I didn’t want a glimpse of what I have become. I also realized I no longer needed doors, but I was so used to walking through them that I didn’t give walking through walls a thought.
I had never been on my own a day in my life. At first it seemed amazing, not to be told what to do, but then I started to miss my family. I made a trip to the local Alchemy store, to see if there was any potions to make me human. There wasn’t any sadly.
As I walked home, I got the idea to travel to Egypt. I had nothing else better to do. Plus I figured I’d start back my hobby of Photography. Back when I was alive, I wanted to become a photographer. My father said it wasn’t practical, and that I should go work for the accountant company he worked for. I could never see myself doing anything practical. I usually acting on a whim, while my father thought about what he was going to do, then thought some more. I never understood that, why would you slave always your whole life? And then be unable to actually enjoy your life.
Back when I was alive, I helped my mother in the kitchen often. I wasn’t skilled like her, but I was learning. I was so used to cooking big servings for the family, but now I only had to cook for me. Cooking for yourself can be awfully lonely. Also when I was alive, there was a girl who went to highschool with me, named Dallas. We took a cooking class together. She was a horrible cook, but I taught her how to cook. Well the basics. Dallas was so beautiful, she had red hair that she would always wear in a bun. Last I had heard, she moved to Lucky Palms to live with her grandparents. I never got around to telling her my true feelings about her. I thought maybe it was better I hadn’t told her? The truth is, I feared rejection. I loved to daydream about Dallas. If I found out that she didn’t feel the same way I did, my dream would die. Though it had been so long since I’ve seen her I still thought of her. I wondered, did she still giggle when her glasses slipped down her nose? Did she even still wore glasses? What did her ambition lead her to? Did she still wear braces? Did she still blush when someone told her she was pretty? I always had so many questions in my mind over this girl. I was in no rush to get them answered by far. Mostly because I’d probably never see her again in my life, or worse she wouldn’t even be able to see me. I read in a supernatural book once, that only a certain select of people can see ghostly forms. What if she wasn’t in that selection?
After I got off the plane, I arrived to a camp site. Before I settled in, I rented a car. I figured while I was there I may as well explore. In order to explore I’d need the basics. Dried food, a tent, etc. I finally bought a better camera off one of the locals, that could actually see me. He was scared of my presences, that he sold it to me for 20 simoleons. It looked to be a top of the line camera. I was always up to try different foods so I got a few recipe books.
I went back to the base-camp to read the message board. Something caught my eye, someone by the name of, Tahiya Shalut. I wasn’t sure if it was a man or woman who had posted this, but they wanted help with some business. I decided I’d go ahead and see what this was about.
Tahiya wanted me to enter a tomb and find the messing briefing. How does anyone leave their paperwork in a tomb by accident? I wasn’t so sure about going but since I had already promised I’d go, I went ahead.
I realized some didn’t even make it that far through out this tomb. I saw a skeleton of what must have been an explorer. Most of his body was covered in dust as though his bones had been there for quite some time.
I found a crescent shaped stone that looked like it could fit into the crescent like keyhole beside a locked door in the tomb. I had no idea what was behind those doors. I was unsure if I even wanted to go through them, but I went ahead.
I stepped onto a platform, which opened a set of stares. I thought to myself, what the hell did I get myself into?
I finally came upon the chest that damn woman was talking about. I found her papers. I floated to her as quick as I could. Yes, I float now. It’s one of the perks of being a ghost I guess, if you couldn’t tell that was my taste of sarcasm. I’m still pretty bitter about being a ghost. I suppose anyone would be right? It turns out I wasn’t done with this quest, she sent me to another woman to find her four pieces of turquoise. Apparently neither of them knew how hard it was to find turquoise.
I had snagged three pieces of turquoise from a store clerk, now I just needed one more piece. I figured I’d go try to get some sleep and look in the morning.
I had finally found the fourth piece of turquoise. I was glad to have found it, because mostly I was beyond ready to leave Egypt.
Don’t get me wrong, Egypt was beautiful. I was missing home terribly. It wasn’t like I had anything waiting for me at home, I just wanted to be there. But it would be something if I had someone waiting for me at home. Maybe my mom, dad, and Carmella. Or maybe even Dallas.  I knew none of this was possible, but I couldn’t help but wish they were. On the plane ride home, instead of sleeping like some passengers, I sat there thinking of every little thing from my past. It would be amazing if you could reverse time.

  Author’s Note: This is a story I decided I’d start writing. I don’t know if it’ll go far. I hope it does. But for now I’ll blog about it on here. If it does go far I will maybe give it a blog of it’s own. I hope you guys enjoy it. Tell me what you think of it. What it lacked and all. Thanks for reading as always! I’ll update my other blogs soon.


3 thoughts on “Being Sparrow: Chapter One

  1. Poor guy. I haven’t played a ghost in game but do they need to eat and sleep still? I mean do they still have moodlets? I will check out Chapter two tomorrow. Great work 🙂

    • Yes they can still eat, sleep, all the rest of the things human Sims do. They even die as well I think. I have age turned off on that save game. I really wish we could set the age and stuff for each save instead of all >.< Because normally I forget to turn it back on or turn it off.

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