Adventures of Roxxy and Jupiter: Chapter One





This is Roxxy and Jupiter, they’re college roommates. Roxxy a little spunky messy redhead. And Jupiter a semi neat freak just trying to get by.



Both Roxxy and Jupiter had a decent first day of college.



Roxxy’s pokerface xD



By the end of the day, both of them are extremely exhausted. They could barely stand up straight.



While Roxxy uses her bowl of cereal as a pillow..



It’s either eat or sleep around there..



While she’s still bushy eyed she takes as much of her cereal as she can before she passes out again.



Jupiter has taken to drinking fruit drinks in the morning instead of the traditional cereal. You can’t fall asleep in a fruit drink!



Towards lunch time he grabs a bowl of mac and cheese.

“You know you really should stop cutting your hair with a damn bowl man! I know we’re college students and don’t always have money for professional hair cuts.. but man come on.. Bowl cuts really?” Jupiter hates bowl hair cuts simple fact. “How’s anyone to take your serious when you’re walking around here with a bowl hair cut?”

*Guy just ignores him*



She’s waiting for someone to paint her like they paint their french girls.. >.>




Jupiter and Roxxy finally get to work on their term papers. Only stopped to play video games and do whatever it takes for them to be stress free.



“You know that’s impressive.. But that bowl cut has to go! I have some clippers up in my room and some hair dye if you want me to help you?” Roxxy really meant she would help him get rid of that horrible bowl cut.

“Nah this is how I attract the ladies! They love a bowl cut.” He laughed continuing to play with the cards.

“Noooo.. I’m a lady if you haven’t noticed and I am in no way attracted to that horrible piece of.. well yeah it’s just horrible! And if you do pick up some women with that haircut maybe they might be blind. Do blind women turn you on or something?” Roxxy asked.


Dorable isn’t he?!



…Roxxy really should lock her door. I know there are some damn desk in the study room.. Ugh. No one invited her in! >:|


Roxxy shooed her out and then the bimbo came back..





So Roxxy pulls out magic water and throws it on her. That should teach her a good lesson about breaking and entering. Til next time ❤



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