TS2 Adventures: Niles Family (Chapter One)

snapshot_bdec58b5_5dec594c snapshot_bdec58b5_7dec5941


These two are Frankie and Penelope Niles, my newest couple.



I originally made them for the same sex mod.  But I like them too much to just stop playing them after the baby. And they sure love that damn sofa.. they won’t woohoo on nothing else but the damn tub sofa. Weirdos. But in their defense the tub sofa is awesome.



So more groping on the sofa. I wish I had a sofa like that.. I’m always so jealous of my Sims.





Cuddle times *-*



Upoh.. Must be all that salad?



“Yay I’m home! More sofa woohoo?”



Poor Frankie lost her job.. On the first day too..



So she consoles herself by stuffing her face with grilled cheese. Delicious!



So like anyone who is depress, she takes her angry out on random people in chatrooms.

By calling General Buzz a dirty rat.. Who is now her co-worker I think.



“I’m bored! And I think there’s something growing in my belly!” Penn finds out that she’s in fact pregnant.



“Pregnant women must be entertained at all times!” Penelope screams.



The sofa  tub is also good for sleeping. Penelope figures this out soon.



Penelope stars to go into labor over night.



I named her Billie.



The nursery.





They like to have public displays of attention on their front lawn.



So more sofa fun?



“Who took my handcuffs?!” She talks in her sleep lovely!



“I love your bust!” Lunch at the Niles household goes like that.



“How about we woohoo real fast before Billie wakes up from her nap?!” Frankie suggested.



Why can’t TS3 portraits be like that seriously.. Look how clear that is..

snapshot_bdec58b5_7dec9613Oh yeah little Billie grew up *-*

snapshot_bdec58b5_7dec98f8Somehow Penelope and Frankie got the flu. >.<

snapshot_bdec58b5_3dec99c7“Mommies! I’m tired!” Billie cries.

“Just a moment sweetie.” Both of the mothers say in unison. They’re both starving I’d hate for them to die so I rather them eat than rush to put Billie to bed.

snapshot_bdec58b5_fdec99dfYou might say bad mommies but at least shes not starving.

snapshot_bdec58b5_fdec9a16“We need to get back to work soon Penny! I suggest we hire a nanny.” Frankie says to a very tired Penelope.

snapshot_bdec58b5_7dec9a1e “I could go for some ice cream Penny.. Hey you! Wake up!” Frankie shakes her partner’s shoulder. “You know what I’ll let you nap on your burger Imma go put Billie to bed.” So you see one of them did get around to putting Billie to bed. There’s more to come 🙂


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