Giovanni Legacy: Chapter One

Note: I decided to make Simself in Sims 2, my usual family got corrupted sooo, I decided to open up Simself Selah. Move her to Pleasantview to get her life started.


Here we find Simself Selah in her brand new shack. That has no windows! How sketchy and questionable! Her neighbors will love her.


“Unbelievable! Why can’t my life be like a novel!” Selah exclaimed after reading the latest novel.




The neighbors here about some book/art junkie just moved in, so they figured they’d want to say hello. Ben, Darren, and that Broke girl.

Ben takes an almost instant liking to Selah.



Then Selah invites the neighbors in for jello. Because that’s just what you do when neighbors come over. You give the jello and do your best Billy Cosby impression. That insures for a friendship that last forever! Trust me.



I meant it when I said Ben took an instant liking to Selah. He started to flirt with her own his own. And she did the same in return.. You guys can tell where this is leading right?





“Let me suck on your nose! You’ve got such a sexy nose!” Selah says between torrid moans.

“You suck all you want baby!” Ben replies. Uh.. Alright.. Maybe this is how Sims kiss these days?



See what all that making out with strangers does!? You’re tired as hell.



So Selah found her bed. She has no job yet btw. She’s looking for the right one..  But something may have to give.



“This grill cheese represents my struggle as a single woman.” Uh okay.



Since Selah is still looking for work, I had her work as the barista for a few minutes.

She gave up quickly.



“You know the coffee house down the street has cups this big!” Explained the the barista.

“Uh I don’t really care that much about coffee, I’m just doing this to pay off my debts.”



“How dare you work as a coffee Barista and not like coffee! Someone should lock you away!” Don’t be so harsh, it’s not everyone’s drink of choice.. You can’t force it down his throat.. “Oh yes I can.. I keep a spare funnel on me at all times.”



Selah continues on her man hunt. She comes across this guy, Georgio or something like that.  I downloaded a name mod to get rid of the mundane names EA has.



Selah and I get tired of trying to find her one true love, so we rely on the wonderful Gypsy.. We go on a limb and spend all of our money on a Gypsy!

“Gypsy please send me my knight in shining Armour!” Selah pleads.

“Uh.. I’m no miracle maker child. Let’s see what I have in my bag.”



“Where the hell am I?” Can someone tell me is her a servo thingie I hear people keep talking about.



This is what Selah does on a first days. How lady like.

Giovanni-21 Giovanni-22 Giovanni-23 Giovanni-24


I tried to take the on a real date, and it did not go well.

Giovanni-25 Giovanni-26 Giovanni-27

So she tries to see if the bartender would like her, since Jace was a total fail.

He didn’t like Selah much at all. But he’s so darn cute.



At this point Selah was getting awful desperate..

Giovanni-29 Giovanni-30 Giovanni-31


The Georgio guy invited her and a bunch of other people out to the bowling place. They bought a kid with them for some reason.. Doesn’t that strike anyone as odd. I blame Georgio.



Long story short, Selah threw a party and only Ben came. And he sorta invited himself or she invited him to her bed..

And he got a makeover!



I guess Selah is tired of looking for a man. Or maybe this is true Sim love?

I heard a chime too! >:|



Selah tries to get him to move in. That was my idea. I don’t want Selah being a single mommy D:



Yet he still wants to make out with her.. What’s your game Ben.. >:| And the red head is Ben’s friend who he bought over when Selah invited him back over to try to get him to move in.



“Oh God, I think I’m going to puke! Will you marry me Ben!?”

“Yes! But please don’t puke on me!”



Getting married makes someone best friends right?



Soon after marrying Ben, Selah finds herself having an up close encounter with the toilet.



OH yeah, Ben has this awesome job, so Selah almost doesn’t need one!



“What is the meaning of these ugly pjs!?” It means you can’t fit into your old pjs because you’re pregnant. Don’t worry you’ll fit back into once the baby comes.



“Ben baby you’ve got a hot chest!”



They’re so affectionate. So I can’t just let her be with someone else. They do most of this on their own too! D:



“Hello my wife’s breast!” Ben is a little confused maybe?

“Uh you’re suppose to talk to my belly not my breast!”



You better run to the bathroom!

“Nooo Ben is in the bathroom! Why can’t you give us two bathrooms! Or at least an outhouse!”



The baby is coming! 😀



I give you guys Liberty Giovanni.



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