Mean Sims – Chapter One: Skanks Aren’t Suppose To Cook

This is my millionth attempt at starting a Sims 2 legacy. Usually my household gets corrupted :/ Not usually, always. I have no idea how to prevent it, fix it, or what have you. That’s why the Shade family has discontinued, not that I was that far in it to begin with. But on with the story.

Baxter: This phone is so ugly! Couldn’t you have picked out a better one creator!? I think I’m going to barf. Quick Amaryllis! Get a bucket! I just mopped these floors, so I’m going to be damned if they’ll get dirty again!

Amaryllis: Get it yourself! What do I look like a [Bleep] maid!

Baxter and Amaryllis Grant are siblings, they were kicked out of Pleasantview for unforgivable crimes. Such as introducing Daniel Pleasant to that sludgey maid. His wife hasn’t found out yet, but the WHOLE town knows. Amaryllis will try to tell you all she left by her own will. But Don’t believe her.

This here is Amaryllis. Her and her brother Baxter are very mean and also very neat Sims. Baxter being more neat though, one would call him afraid of germs. But Amaryllis says no one in the Grant Family is afraid of anything.

Amaryllis: What’s a four letter word for beat? As in I beat the lipstick off of those Caliente Sisters..

What’d they do to you?

Amaryllis: Nothing, they tried to golddig from Baxter. No one golddigs from my brother!

But you guys were broke, and still sorta are..

Amaryllis: Well.. they didn’t know that.

Neighbors invite themselves over. And are in for a huge surprise.

Amaryllis decides she wants to throw a water balloon at some old woman. Who’s name I’ve forgotten.

In the house might I add.

Baxter: I just mopped the floor! Couldn’t you have done that outside?! It’s bad enough you let these damn people in without sanitizing them!

Calm down Baxter.

Baxter: NO! You calm down! I don’t see anyone throwing water balloons in your house! Or people coming in unsanitized!

Elderly Lady: What is it with you young people today! *Shoves Amaryllis*

Amaryllis: Oh eff this! I know you didn’t shove me! You must be praying for an early grave or something.. I’ll beat the breaks off you.

Baxter: *Grumbles* My poor floors..

Amaryllis: Don’t [Bleeping] test me old lady! I am a force to not fuck with.. I promise you that!


Amaryllis: So you think you’re better than me Princess? Just because you waltz around with your shiny, cheap, tiara? I dare you to start something with me! I’ll leave you limping around for life.. I may be new here, but I run shit! You better believe it!

Titania: Look, I mean you no harm. I don’t even know what I did to get you all worked up. But if I did something, I apologize.

Amaryllis: Don’t you start your, “I’m the nicest woman in the world” shit. Because it’s bullshit! Up with this bullshit I will not put! I’ll pack your ass in a box and send you off to Strangetown.

Poor Titania..

Baxter: Uh, sis you haven’t even sanitized yet today! So don’t you dare touch me!

Baxter gets invited out by some strangers. It doesn’t go so well at some parts..

Baxter: Man.. Why didn’t I look this place up online to see their health grade.. I swear next I’m going to find bugs in my soup right? Now I’m going to need to get this outfit dry cleaned.. Does this effing waiter know how expensive dry cleaning is these days!

Random Stranger Guy: Dude.. it’s just salad. It won’t stain anything..

Baxter: That’s what you think.. An experienced dry cleaner will point out twenty types of stains that can come from a salad.

Baxter: If he thinks I’m going to be paying full price, he’s got another thing coming..

Waiter: I’m so sorry! I’ll bring you and your party out fresh food.

Baxter: You don’t sound sincere.. And when you say fresh, I hear three days old food.

Random Stranger Guy: Give the dude a break.. He’s probably working this job to pay for college.

Baxter: No I won’t give him a break! I work hard just like he does, that doesn’t mean I can clumsily do my job..

Random Stranger Guy: That’s different. You’re a mascot, you’re sorta suppose to be clumsy..

I advise you not to argue with him.

Baxter tries out the tilty thingie..

Baxter: This night, just isn’t going right. *Sighs* Where’s the bar? I want to get wasted.. So wasted I forget my name..

Here we find Baxter using the ballet bar in his sister’s room.

Baxter: I swear this just takes away all of my troubles from the previous night.

Baxter: Oooooh would you look at Ms. December.. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for leaving cookie crumbs.. Oh wait I probably would..

Amaryllis: Ms. December, I like what I see..

I forgot to take some pictures of Amaryllis at the bar place with them. She was at the bar. She started chatting up the bartender, Aurora Bryant. A few days after all of this, Amaryllis invited Aurora over, they ran up stairs to woohoo on the first date. Yes indeed they work fast.

They sure do work fast don’t they?

Aurora: Hands up here Amaryllis!

Amaryllis: Your finger is telling me no, but your body is telling me yes. Plus you let me hit in on our first day? So what’s a grab here or there?

This set is called Amaryllis being affectionate to someone she just met.

Aurora: I can’t stay mad at you..

Amaryllis: Of course you can’t.

Oh the genetical babies they’ll make..

*The End*

Amaryllis asks Aurora to move in, and Aurora agrees.

I leave the Grants for a little while to peek at Bloom Hinton.

Bloom ends up meeting Baxter on her first day in town. And he’s not even complaining about germs around her. This just may be love..

I didn’t change Aurora’s hair because, well I really like it on her.

Baxter gets fired from his job, so Amaryllis tries to comfort him.

Amaryllis: That sucks you lost your job brah. Want me to go kick some ass? You know I will.

Amaryllis: Finally that whiting tooth paste is paying off!

Aurora: Are you doing what I think you’re doing?!

Amaryllis: Hell yeah!

Amaryllis: Will you marry me? Promise to stick with me through thick and thin? To stay with me even when I become a cranky old woman?

Aurora: A million times yes!

I forgot to censor this one D: but it’s just a little bit of side boobage.

Baxter takes Bloom out on a date.

Bloom: OMG! Is that what I think it is.

Baxter: I don’t know.. You tell me.

Baxter: I hope it fits!

Bloom: Oh my plumbbob.. It’s beautiful.

Baxter: I knew you’d like it.

After dinner, Baxter invited Bloom to move in.

She said yes of course.

And finally Bloom becomes, Bloom Grant.

They consummate their marriage in the family car..

Classy right?

Amaryllis Stop ruining moments!

Here comes the first baby in the Grant family. Amaryllis actually seems excited.

Amaryllis: How did you talk trick my brother into marrying you skank!? Answer me or else!

Uh I’d blame her hormones, but she’s always like this.

Bloom: I didn’t do anything! What we have is true love!

Amaryllis: You wouldn’t know love if it slapped you across the face!

Amaryllis: You’re nothing but a gold digging skank! You’re no better than those Calentine sisters!

Bloom: Baxter! Please get your sister away from me!

Amaryllis: Bloom is such a ditzy skank!

Baxter: That’s my wife you’re talking about.. Not cool sis..

Amaryllis takes a break from harassing her sister-in-law, to give some loving to her wife.

Amaryllis: This is exactly why skanks don’t belong in the kitchen, and one of my top ten reasons why I hate her!

Aurora: She didn’t mean to Ama.. It was an accident.

Amaryllis: For the love of plumbbob’s my wife is taking up for the skank.. Great.

Bloom was cooking when she was actually quite full. 😐 wtf right?

The firefighters in TS2 are sooo much quicker than in TS3!

Bloom is forced to eat her burnt mac and cheese. Well not forced, because she did it on her own. The Grant family is going to be brushing up on their cooking skill for sure. Or eat instant meals, oodles of noodles, and non-flammable stuff for the rest of their days..

Til next time. x3 Thanks for reading guys.

Note: The whole Giovanni thing corrupted and I had to start over >_< As usual. Same thing happened with the Grant family, but I decided to get rid of some CC almost all of it except my defaults and certain mods. I went back to them and they would actually load! So if you see some different things next time, don’t worry, I sorta had to do it to continue playing. It was the only solution I could think of. Thanks 🙂


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