Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasant Family-1


So I’m taking a mini break from Sims 3. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Sims 2, so it still feels so new to me. I open up the Pleasant family. Everyone knows the story, the wife is too busy to give her husband some lovin’, the husband desires the maid. The two girls are close to ripping each other apart. We as simmers have the choice to rip them apart, or try to make it work. Here’s how I did it.

Lilith: Ew do they have to flirt in the open like that? They do have a bedroom..

Angela: I’d rather see him flirt with mom, than feel the maid up!

Lilith: This is sick either way! Besides what the hell do you know anyway.. Miss Goody Two Shoes..

Mary-Sue and Daniel flirt for a while until it’s time for her to head to work, and the girls to head to school.

Still thoughts of the maid invade Daniel’s mind. Let’s face it Daniel is a player  dog. So I believe I’m doing a favor for Mary-Sue.



So Kaylynn cleaned the house, well not clean.. She didn’t clean shit, she just charged them 11 dollars. She will pay! >:| Well anyway. Kaylynn asks if she can stay over. Daniel says yes. Mainly because he wants to get her between his sheets..

snapshot_cdae71fd_3f8656f7 snapshot_cdae71fd_bf865717




Mary-Sue sees red when she catches the two together. As would I.



Cassandra happens to ring the doorbell before Mary-Sue kicks dear Daniel to the curb.





Kaylynn moves in briefly, she apologizes for what she has done.

Kaylynn: I swear Mary-Sue I didn’t know you two were married! He said he was single, and that you were just his baby mama living with him..

Dustin: Is Bullshit one word or two Mrs. Pleasant..?

Mary-Sue: Watch your mouth Dustin! Ugh whatever I saw this coming, just get the hell out of my house.

In the divorce, Mary-Sue got the house, most of the money, and the girls. So we can say she won.



After everyone leaves, Mary-sue invites the Headmaster over, to try to get the girls into the best school. I forgot to take pictures of all of it, but they get in.

snapshot_1f8660a9_3f8660aa snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8660b7 snapshot_1f8660a9_3f86613c


Daniel and Kaylynn move into a small house that I’m far too lazy to decorate. Their romance is heated, but Daniel has no intentions on marrying Kaylynn. Though she is crossing her fingers.

snapshot_1f8660a9_df866226 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf866243


Mary-Sue’s parents show up, so Daniel pulls out the good gelatin and lets them eat. Though they are very displeased by Daniel’s awful uncouth behavior.



They spend tons of time like this.. I also turned jealousy off, so Daniel can work on his life time wish.

snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86642a snapshot_1f8660a9_bf86644c


Kaylynn finds out she’s pregnant, she’s ecstatic of course, but she wishes she could say the same for Daniel. He has yet to acknowledge her pregnancy.

snapshot_1f8660a9_1f866531 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f86656c snapshot_1f8660a9_ff8665d8 snapshot_1f8660a9_1f86662b snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86665f


He invites Nina Caliente over. They get quite chummy.


snapshot_1f8660a9_ff866893 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8668c0


I force Daniel to marry Kaylynn. After all it’s the “Right” thing to do, plus it’s like torture for men like him! Let’s watch him squirm!



Mary-Sue walks by the house quite often. It usually ends like this, they refuse to acknowledge each other.

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f8669cc snapshot_1f8660a9_9f866a59 snapshot_1f8660a9_df866ac8 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf866acf snapshot_1f8660a9_ff866b53


Daniel meets a vampire lady, let’s call her Contessa for now! Contessa moves in because I really wanted to learn about the Sims 2 vampires. After a while that whole vampire thing got annoying though.



With the vampire lady moving in, she brings like 50k into the household. Allowing Kaylynn to pay off Mary-Sue. With enough money anyone can be your friend, or at least pretend to like you.



Mary-Sue is no longer angry with Kaylynn, but she still wants to kill Daniel. I think Mary-Sue is sooo cute D:



Contessa loses her vampireness. Thank God, and she turns out not to be too bad looking.






snapshot_1f8660a9_bf8673eb snapshot_1f8660a9_5f867581 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf8675a3


Kaylynn ends up with twins.. Which I am slightly annoyed with, my game has been giving me a lot of twins, and it’s not funny or enjoyable anymore.

The redhead is Meriel I believe and the black haired one is Meredith.

snapshot_1f8660a9_bf867ff0 snapshot_1f8660a9_df868010 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8680bb


Daniel woos a burglar. Who turns out to be not so bad looking at all. The silly hats they hide the beauty of in this game..

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8681a6 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8681b5


Daniel grows old. The girls don’t find him as attractive anymore.. They don’t rush to try to kiss him and stuff, which I find hilarious! They just congratulate him.



Daniel may not be catching attention from his main girls, but he still ropes them in.





I figured it’d be fun to take the redhead out, it was a dream date.





Mary-Sue, who has sorta cooled off. Mainly because Daniel is all old now, and time heals all, and Lilith come to a party Daniel throws.



Daniel toast to his lovely wife and ACR(who helps him not get in trouble for cheating on this lot)

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f869639 snapshot_1f8660a9_9f86965e


Lilith meets her sister.



Mary-Sue: You’re not so bad for a cheater’s daughter huh..?

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8696e5 snapshot_1f8660a9_bf869701 snapshot_1f8660a9_ff86975a snapshot_1f8660a9_3f86977f


While the party is going, Contessa has the babies in the bathroom. Two girls. This makes six kids for Daniel. He’s not having anymore.. If he beds one of the girls, it’s the after pill for both! >:| No more! Knowing my luck it’ll be twins again.

But anyway the twins are, Phoenix and Penny.



So that I don’t lose my mind, I age the girls up. Who don’t look too bad at all.



Now that Daniel is older he is deciding to be an actual father. Though I’m sure the girls get confused and think he’s their grandfather of course!

snapshot_1f8660a9_9f869ad3 snapshot_1f8660a9_ff869b21


Here are the girls, Phoenix and Penny, don’t ask me who is who, because I haven’t got the foggiest idea! Somehow they both got brown hair.. o.O Weird, but I won’t change it.



Daniel is being more loving towards these set of minis than the other set. D:



The divorce is still coming down hard on Angela, who believes the world is perfect. Unlike her sister.



Mary-Sue’s parents move in to help out. Mostly make sure the girls do their homework and don’t kill each other.

snapshot_cdae71fd_5f869df7 snapshot_cdae71fd_9f869e58


Eventually I play long enough for both Mary-Sue’s parents to pass away. snapshot_cdae71fd_df86a123

Next time I play this household, I’ll freeze Mary-Sue’s aging, let her actually have a legit love life, maybe figure out what to do with the girls. But for now, this is it. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasant Family-1

  1. Oh boy. I could never get back into the sims 2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very very fond of it, and I’ll play it here and again for nostalgia’s sake, but omg sims 3 is such a step up as far as graphics and things to do! However, reading this does make me kinda miss the little details that they skipped when making ts3. Like paying someone off or ignoring each other all sassy like xD

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