Selah’s Sims Adventures- Pleasant Family-2



So I want Mary-Sue to actually find some love. True love preferably. So I grabbed her a guy via magic ball. His name is Jake. He’s not too bad looking really, and they have triple bolts!

snapshot_cdae71fd_7f88560c snapshot_cdae71fd_3f88563f snapshot_cdae71fd_bf885673 snapshot_cdae71fd_df8856ac


Things progress very fast. Mostly anonymously.



He even moves in, and here they are in bed. I really need to change her bed and stuff. Still reeks of Daniel I’m sure..

I even heard a jingle! So this means one thing, marriage!



Jake asks her to marry him after dinner. She says yes of course. They have a quickie wedding. Oh yeah, bought a ton of money into the house, so I decide to let Mary-Sue have her own business.



I didn’t give the girls the same jammies on purpose.



snapshot_cdae71fd_7f895ffa snapshot_cdae71fd_1f896037 snapshot_cdae71fd_ff896061


Mary-Sue opens up a grocery store, where she also sells pin ball machines because I hate the sound of Sims playing them >:|

snapshot_cdae71fd_ff8960bb snapshot_cdae71fd_5f896236 snapshot_cdae71fd_5f8962e0




Dustin shows up at the store, and Angela figures this is the perfect time to give him a mind blowing kiss.





Don shows up with no money and just to browse >.> so I make him go home. I hate when they do that. My Sims are trying to be profitable >:|

snapshot_cdae71fd_9f8980d4 snapshot_cdae71fd_ff8983d5


Mary-Sue opens another business. A toy store, it’s not as successful as the grocery store, but it’s a start.


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