Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview Families

snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8a5371 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8a53cb snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8a55b4


[Picture heavy- You have been warned]

So, my sim Pandora married a premade named Julien Cooke. She took his last name and popped out like 3 baby boys. The oldest Kade just aged up to a teen. He’s quite handsome >.> In the pictures above he’s with Lucy Burb, Jennifer and John Burb’s daughter. They’re an item. Really cute too, a 3 bolter. So they’re a keeper couple!



The Twins, Rhys and Zeke.



I love it when they go to the mirror and stare at themselves xD

snapshot_5f8110c9_1f8a5e47 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f8a5e82 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8a5f0d snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8a5f9b


A lot of this is Kade & Lucy spam.



I think Pandora’s heart is breaking watching her baby with his first girlfriend.



Giving art tips, or lovingly stalking?

snapshot_5f8110c9_1f8a6b13 snapshot_5f8110c9_df8a6b64 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff8a6b7d


Julien was playing with his telescope.



By morning they drop him back down. I even heard a lullaby, I was not pleased to hear it. I was hoping Kade and the twins would be the only kids for this family.

snapshot_5f8110c9_ff8a6dd5 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8a6ff7




Pandora loses her job due to a chance card answered wrong. Lucky for her the day before she reached the top of her career and also completed her lifetime wish. I decided not to send her back to work because someone will need to stay home and take care of the alien offspring.

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f8a737f snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8a7b5e snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8a7b88


It always seems like the twins compete for Pandora’s attention xD



So I guess while I wasn’t looking Pandora and a very man pregnant Julien got busy..




The twins always bring home one of Daniel and Kaylynn’s girls.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a8802 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8a88c1 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a8936 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a89d9


Kade goes on his first date with Lucy, they had a fantastic time.

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8a943a snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a9452


A picture says a 1000 ways they say.. >.>

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a94eb snapshot_5f8110c9_ff8a95cf


snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8a9f6a snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8aa038


The twins age up. Very handsome, but Kade is still my favorite.

Zeke the first one above is a pleasure sim now and Rhys below is a romance sim. Zeke’s secondary is that grill cheese one and Rhys is money sim or popularity I forget which.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8aa546 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f8aa62d


Rhys loves giving noogies, but to possible dates he shouldn’t..



Julien has a little baby alien Melody.



Everyone is a victim to Rhys’ noogies even his older brother.



snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8ab329 snapshot_5f8110c9_df8ab3ad


Pandora has more boys, Conrad and Cole.



I went ahead and aged up Melody, Conrad, and Cole. Don’t ask me which is Conrad and which is Cole because I haven’t got a clue.

snapshot_9f8adf20_1f8adf21 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8ae0ad


With the house being so full and hectic like I send Kade, Lucy, The Pleasant twins, Dustin, and Dirk to college.



With Lucy and Kade wishing for getting engaged I figured why not. So he popped the question over spaghetti.



Dustin Followed the trend as well.




I have no idea why they are staring at each other like this. It’s weird as frick.

snapshot_9f8adf20_3f8c808d snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8c8160 snapshot_9f8adf20_3f8c818a snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8c81a3




snapshot_9f8adf20_1f8c826c snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8c827f snapshot_9f8adf20_3f8c82e4 snapshot_9f8adf20_1f8c83d9


snapshot_9f8adf20_1f8c86ad snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8c8792


Lilith goes browsing around campus to socialize. People watch/judge people while drinking expensive coffee..

snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8c89e0 snapshot_9f8adf20_9f8c8ab4 snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8c8b05 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8c8b69 snapshot_9f8adf20_1f8c8c84 snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8c8e69


Oy Lilith you’re suppose to be the cook in the house. She’s got the highest skill points in the house I think.



Here we have the Burb family. Now it’s just Jennifer, John, and little Selena. Who has taken Lucy’s old room because I doubt she’s coming back.



Jennifer: You’re mommy’s last baby! No matter what daddy says or begs!

This is it for them really, they’ll be elders soon anyway.


snapshot_2dd72caf_9f8cd458 snapshot_2dd72caf_df8cd4ea snapshot_2dd72caf_1f8cd5e3


Jennifer still has her shop, she even ran into Rhys. Business is booming.

snapshot_2dd72caf_df8cd6ca snapshot_2dd72caf_bf8cd7a0


So I found this pretty teen. I sorta hoped she’d end up with one of my male sims.







Jennifer is very good friends with Pandora so I had her gift something to her that they really didn’t have use for.

snapshot_2dd72caf_7f8d4363 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f8d4bfd


Selena grew into a child. Her first task is to invite her big sister over.



Selena: When are you and my sister gonna have kids?

Kade: I dunno *blushes*



snapshot_2dd72caf_1f8d4de6 snapshot_2dd72caf_3f8d4f00 snapshot_2dd72caf_ff8d4f0d snapshot_2dd72caf_bf8d4f3e


snapshot_2dd72caf_7f8d515a snapshot_2dd72caf_3f8d519f



Before I leave the Burb Family I get Selena enrolled in private school.



After the Burb family, I move onto Jennifer’s brother Daniel.



Though Daniel is a geezer he still has “game” I guess that’s what you call it. Giving professors roses and stuff.



The younger set her twins had their birthday, Phoenix and Penny.

snapshot_1f8660a9_1f8d6e78 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8d6e92


As did the older two, they’re not teens. Meriel (I think that’s her name) has the romance aspiration, while her sister Meredith has the pleasure aspiration I think.. I forget honestly.

snapshot_1f8660a9_5f8d6f13 snapshot_1f8660a9_7f8d6f23


Here’s a better look at the younger set of twins.



snapshot_cdae71fd_3f8d7be8 snapshot_cdae71fd_1f8d7c12 snapshot_cdae71fd_9f8d7ca1


Mary-Sue finally has her baby boy, I think I named him Elliot. She now has her happy ending. Justice from that dog Daniel.



There’s the alien baby and the twins.




I think Zeke will always be a mama’s boy. Always playing chess with his mommy 🙂

snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8d7e4e snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8d7e6d snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8d7fff snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8d80c8 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8d8156


Rhys goes on his first date. He almost gets uhhh cockblocked I guess? By Mrs. Crumplebottom.

snapshot_5f8110c9_df8d825a snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8d8304 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8d8433 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8d844e snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8d8461


The trio ages up.

snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8d8a5b snapshot_5f8110c9_3f8d8ac6


Though she was mean to Zeke, he’s still crazy about her. I doubt that is a healthy relationship.

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f8d8ada snapshot_5f8110c9_ff8d8aec


I split what used to be Pandora’s home shop into two bedrooms for the trio.


snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8d8c7f snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8d8d1d


snapshot_5f8110c9_3f8d8d52 snapshot_5f8110c9_df8d8f04


Maybe what Zeke has with this Mallory girl is love.. But I want him to be with someone else D:

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f8d95dd snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8d9704 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f8d97a1


Someone like Abbey! D: But they only have one bolt while Mallory and Zeke have two I think. Tsk. Only time will tell right?



I’ll leave you with a picture of the boys fishing.



4 thoughts on “Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview Families

    • Oh yes! Seems like once it empties it gets even more full. She keeps making me mad though >.> she and Julien keep woohooing and almost having more babies. Their little black eyes have stole my heart! Buuuuut I’m hoping that maybe they’ll breed out, same thing with that black hair, it’s getting a little over done now D: Yes I felt she needed it. A lot of people put them back together, but I feel like she’s a tad bit too good for Daniel to begin with. I really need to switch back to her and her little family though! Her baby has been a tot forever D:. That’s the only thing I don’t like about TS2, no story progression.. D: Well sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t. Thanks for reading/looking!

      • Haha awe! I like the black eyes too :3 I read somewhere if like skin & eyes aren’t geneticized they are always dominant, though. So if that’s the case, that’s why so many of the Sims have them.

        Definitely! She seems like a nice woman, she needs a good man 😀

      • Mhm they might not be D: but it’s worth a try. But I’m pretty sure each of their kids would have those damn eyes e.e. Which is fine, but I may look for a way to change them so that you know it doesn’t become too over done.

        Oh Mary-Sue has her bitchy side I’ve noticed xD She’ll get all cranky in a hot second. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a happy ending.

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