Selah’s Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview Families – 2



So we start our sims adventure in the University world with Kade and his friends. (I should stop titling it Adventures xD I dunno what else to name it tbh)





I love dirty jokes about skiers


This is probably the only time the Uni cheerleader makes sense. All the other times she’s a pain in the ass.


I dunno if I’ve mentioned this, but Dustin is like the handy man around the house. He fixes everything.



I think it’s so cute how these two follow each other everywhere.





snapshot_9f8adf20_9f8ec9ba snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ec9d7 snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8ec9fc


One day while Dustin is busy, I try to get Dirk to fix the computer it does not end well.. But he doesn’t die, so that’s the main point, he didn’t die. The hobby lady looks so concerned. She’s sorta cute for an npc.

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ed2c9 snapshot_9f8adf20_9f8ed2d3


Thank God for Lilith, she’s always willing to do some pretty mean things to annoying people like cheerleaders.



God, Dirk is so weird.. Just staring at his girlfriend’s sister sleeping, pretending he’s looking at a painting.. You can’t have both Dirk! This is no sick weird soap where a guy goes after both sisters.



Ugh how cute can you get right? They’re doing homework facing each other D:



Kade and Lucy visit Jennifer’s clothing shoppe. Jennifer In the World to be more correct.

snapshot_9f8adf20_3f8ed9b8 snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8ed9d7


When Jennifer finds out what her daughter was doing in the dressing room with Kade, she is more than mad.

snapshot_9f8adf20_bf8edc55 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8edc79 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8edcb2


Kade invites his mother and little sister over.



As does Lilith invite her little sister. Who Angela has yet to meet her other siblings, maybe she chooses not to acknowledge them?

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8eddf1 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8ede65


They always give me more reasons to love them.

snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8f94e9 snapshot_9f8adf20_bf8f9522






Sunburnt cheerleaders are never attractive.

snapshot_9f8adf20_df8f9e83 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8f9e98


I spoke a little too soon didn’t I? Yeah he got electrocuted. But he’s alive!

snapshot_9f8adf20_7f8f9fc2 snapshot_9f8adf20_df8fa030

You’d think the cheerleader would learn her lesson and keep away from this house.





To keep Angela busy I give her a garden.

snapshot_9f8adf20_ff8fa78c snapshot_9f8adf20_5f8fabae




The gang throws a party, inviting their parents. Well just Jennifer and Daniel.





Dustin learns that nature isn’t always that safe. Especially when you piss bees off.



Soon my babies will be out of this whole Uni fiasco thing D: it’s so boring sometimes having them in Uni.



Pandora moves her pottery store to an actual store. Pandora’s box of pottery.



snapshot_5f8110c9_5f8ff541 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f8ff639 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf8ffd26


snapshot_5f8110c9_7f900243 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf900285


For Zeke helping out making pottery, Pandora treats him to dinner.

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f900339 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f900349 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9003b9


After dinner they hang around playing pool. Because that’s what cool moms do.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901990 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901a7b


I dunno what’s going on with Zeke’s hands and face.. but it’s weird. I think he’s trying to impress or entertain Abbey.

snapshot_5f8110c9_1f901a9c snapshot_5f8110c9_1f901aa7


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901ad6 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901add snapshot_5f8110c9_df901b84 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901db1 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f901deb


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff901e32 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f901e75


snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9020b3 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f902177 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9024fb snapshot_5f8110c9_ff90263f


Pandora and Julien get old. That means no more accidental  babies! Best news ever!

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f9026be snapshot_5f8110c9_7f902712 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf90275f snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9027c8 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9027e3


snapshot_5f8110c9_bf902c31 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f902cf6 snapshot_5f8110c9_df902e69


Zeke builds a servo, who happens to be quite cute underneath all of the metal. Robots need love too, so of course I got him a girl via magic ball.







snapshot_5f8110c9_9f903c0e snapshot_5f8110c9_9f903d4b snapshot_5f8110c9_7f903e91


The trio, Conrad, Cole, and Melody age up. They look really cute. The boys are straight, while Melody is gay. Which is freaking awesome, I haven’t had a gay sim in like forever.

snapshot_5f8110c9_df903f76 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f903f96 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f903fa5


This is Melody’s girlfriend Steffi.



Everyone loves Griffin, oh I forget to say the servo’s name is Griffin.



Only problem with dearest Griffin he cooks entirely too much! Though I’ve saved his deserts for later on.

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f904120 snapshot_5f8110c9_df9041ac




These two have nothing else better to do but watch tv. At least they watch it together.



Jennifer and John age up too.



So does Selena, who turns out to be a super duper cutie if you ask me. I didn’t see this coming really.

snapshot_2dd72caf_bf9143d8 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f914437 snapshot_2dd72caf_1f91444a snapshot_2dd72caf_df9144db


snapshot_5f8110c9_df914622 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f914655 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9146c2 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f9146e2


Oh yeah Griffin’s little girlfriend is named Rue. I keep forgetting to mention main parts to what’s been going on in my game. Forgive me. Well Griffin asks Rue to marry him, she says yes. How could she not? Right?



snapshot_5f8110c9_bf914b33 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f914b5a snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914b6d snapshot_5f8110c9_1f914b79 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914b9b


I kept this wedding stuff up, since Kade will be coming on home soon and having his wedding hopefully *-*

snapshot_5f8110c9_3f914d73 snapshot_5f8110c9_df914db6 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f914dce snapshot_5f8110c9_9f914e1a


That’s not what you do to your girlfriend Melody!

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915041 snapshot_5f8110c9_df91505a


Conrad meets the paper girl, Amy. Who is very cute. @_@

snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9152f8 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf91533d snapshot_5f8110c9_1f915378


I really have to stop finding them love as teens, because I’ll end up wanting their romances to go to college with them D:

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f91559e snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9158c5 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f915961


Pandora and Julien have a anniversary party.



Rue goes into labor.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915c38 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f915c3f snapshot_5f8110c9_3f915c4f snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915c58 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f915cc5 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f915ccf


She spits out this adorable handy work. Who I really would like to play with later. D: I moved Griffin and his little family out.

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f9160ed snapshot_5f8110c9_ff916152 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9161ec snapshot_5f8110c9_7f9164ba snapshot_5f8110c9_ff91652f snapshot_5f8110c9_9f91657d snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9168e1 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f916917 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf91696b


Pandora who has a ton of time on her hands decide to devote it to her store. She gives the girls all new uniforms. Hires a new sale-lady. Pandora’s Box of Pottery is very successful. I had her buy a new store, maybe have a bakery but that’s not working out, so I’ll let her sell it and try something else.


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