Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview families -3

snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92a30c snapshot_5f92a30b_5f92a31d snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92ab86 snapshot_5f92a30b_3f92ac1c snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92ad1f snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92ad89 snapshot_5f92a30b_7f92aed8 snapshot_5f92a30b_9f92afa0 snapshot_5f92a30b_bf92b059 snapshot_5f92a30b_ff92b06a snapshot_5f92a30b_1f92b272 snapshot_5f92a30b_7f92b383

So long story short, Zeke as a teen creates a servo, I dunno if I’ve mentioned that. Well Griffin meets a gal named Rue, they have a baby while still living with the Cooke family. Running out of room I get them their own small place. Their daughter is named Pearl.

snapshot_1f8660a9_7f92c88a snapshot_1f8660a9_9f92c911 snapshot_1f8660a9_5f92ca62


Daniel is still getting it on with the ladies.

snapshot_9f8adf20_df938d44 snapshot_9f8adf20_ff938d9a


So is Rhys, but in college form.



Meredith got sunburnt.

snapshot_9f8adf20_5f939442 snapshot_9f8adf20_bf939505 snapshot_9f8adf20_7f9395ad snapshot_9f8adf20_9f9395d6


Lucy and Kade graduate. Rhys gets a sunburn.

snapshot_df939d29_ff939d2a snapshot_df939d29_1f939e17


I move the last of the Cooke kids and a few other kids around town to college. I didn’t get many pictures. I’m sorta tired of the college scene. After this bunch I’ll probably stop sending them. It makes their careers far too easy D:

snapshot_5f8110c9_9f93a9e0 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f93a9f4


Kade and Lucy get married in the backyard in front of their parents.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961590 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f961634 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff96164a snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9617d2


Shortly after Lucy gives birth to twins. What’s with my game with twins? This is Caleigh and Haven.

snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961839 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961884 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961959 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961b38 snapshot_5f8110c9_df961c40 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f961c7e snapshot_5f8110c9_7f961d10 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf961d2b snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961d4b snapshot_5f8110c9_1f961e19 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f961e3e snapshot_5f8110c9_ff967d23 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f967e10 snapshot_5f8110c9_df967eb6 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f968308 snapshot_5f8110c9_1f9683a5 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf9683d9 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff968460 snapshot_5f8110c9_ff9684df snapshot_5f8110c9_1f96851a snapshot_5f8110c9_1f968593 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f9686ee


snapshot_5f8110c9_5f968b02 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f968b8f snapshot_5f8110c9_7f968eb6 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96902c


Julien created a servo named Mickey. Mickey Honeysuckle to be exact. A lesbian. Why do all my servos have brown eyes ._.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96932e snapshot_5f8110c9_1f96938b


Now that Julien is retired he wishes for a lot of big boy toys.

snapshot_5f8110c9_7f969405 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f96973b snapshot_5f8110c9_bf969861


snapshot_5f8110c9_9f9698fe snapshot_5f8110c9_bf969906 snapshot_5f8110c9_7f969961


Lucy is having their third child. After that no more.



Julien also takes  up gardening.



snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a10a snapshot_5f8110c9_7f96a3b0 snapshot_5f8110c9_9f96a4ac snapshot_5f8110c9_df96a4e3 snapshot_5f8110c9_bf96a539 snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a576


The twins age up.

snapshot_5f8110c9_5f96a5a2 snapshot_5f8110c9_3f96a926


snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96b8ca snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96b8d7 snapshot_9f96b8c9_9f96bea8 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96bf16


I move onto Zeke who has graduated with his wife Abbey.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96c3a6 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96c3bc


I may or may not be getting better at decorating.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96d015 snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96d585 snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96d645 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96dd59 snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96df9f snapshot_9f96b8c9_3f96e033


snapshot_9f96b8c9_bf96e3e8 snapshot_9f96b8c9_7f96e772


Did I mention Zeke and Abbey are doing pretty well. They’ve got themselves a maid. You know to witness child births and stuff.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_ff96e7ee snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96e943 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96e958 snapshot_9f96b8c9_5f96e9d0 snapshot_9f96b8c9_1f96e9e5


They have twin boys. Once again what’s up with my game always giving me twins.. It’s a cruel joke most times. This time it’s not so bad since they didn’t have any children to begin with.

The boys are named Theodore and Sydney.

snapshot_9f96b8c9_ff96ebba snapshot_9f96b8c9_df96ec4c


I realized Kingsley the darker skinned of the twins has Pandora’s skin color! That’s awesome. Then that’s Theodore in Abbey’s arms.


8 thoughts on “Sims 2 Adventures: Pleasantview families -3

    • Hmmm I think if you go look at the premade heads in CAS and also bodyshop look at the end and you’ll find heads like that. But I used a mod or whatever you’d like to call it, I think that changed the head shapes or whatever. If I find the link I’ll link it to you through Tumblr. And thank you 🙂 I love the babies, but I keep getting twins for some reason :/ tots are a handful on TS2, so I prefer one at a time xD!

      • Oh I’ll have to look at that. I haven’t really been in CAS all that much in TS2.

        My Sim finally had her baby haha. So I’ll find out about tots soon !

      • Surprisingly, I don’t go into CAS much in Sims 2 to make new sims I make some in bodyshop from time to time. I may make some today since I”m in TS3 :3

        Hahahhaa they’re so cute, but they get in so much trouble. Especially before they learn to potty!

      • I’ve never actually used body shop! I dabbled around in it when I was young, but I haven’t touched it since I started the game.

        Awe yeah, I think they can play in the toilet can’t they?

      • Since I’m back to playing TS3, I may end up making some more Sims. I don’t like making them in game D: So I play with the same Sims for a while, at least until go back into bodyshop. It takes so long to open D: well because I’ve got a lot of crap in it. I also like trying my hand at making clothes in there! I’m not that good, but I like to try still :3 So I may open that now, so i have something to do while this silly game of mine loads XD

        Oh yes, that and climb out of the crib >.< I think that's if their needs start going down like their potty one. I've only had it happen a few times. Also sometimes they fight over their bottles xD I've never seen it happen in my game, but others yes. And oh they follow the parents like crazy! It's sorta cute, especially when they go in the parent's bedroom and watch them xD You'll see soon.

      • Body Shop actually isn’t working at all on my computer ): I dunno why, but oh well. Haha.

        My TS3 will not stop crashing lately. Every time I’ve tried to play it it just crashes, which I find odd since I haven’t added anything new to it or patched in in at least a month and it was running fine before -sigh-

        Anyway, all of that sounds so cute! I didn’t know they could fight over bottles and escape from their cribs. I knocked Titiana Summerdream up in my game and she is pregnant with twins. Lol I was like, noo I only wanted ONE baby.

      • Oh, :/ next time try it through the last game you installed. Like if Freetime was your last one, go into the game files >.< eh I can't remember off hand like this, but give me some time and I'll look through mine and tell you the directions through tumblr or something ❤

        You may need to patch sadly :\ Mine was acting up before the patch. But get this, it takes forever for my saves to load.. It takes about the time for a new world to load for my saves to load. And you know what? I tested it without mods, and it does the same D: But my game is playing better.. I just try to do other stuff while I wait.

        Ooh yes. they cry so much in those cribs D: Sometimes I believe they sleep less than the parents.. In one of my households the servo doesn't need sleep so I have her get the babies out. Oh yes D: you don't want twins xD at least you can't have triplets in this game.

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