Sims 2: Allen Family Chapter 1

snapshot_5feec196_3feec515 snapshot_5feec196_ffeec520


This is Cora-Blue Allen. I felt like attempting at a legacy for Sims 2. So I decided to plop her on a big lot with hardly any money. She barely had enough money to buy a toilet. But we got around to getting one.




Cora-blue looks for a job in Culinary, she finds one. Her life time wish is to become a celebrity chef.

Her personality points are: 5/8/6/0/6.


snapshot_5feec196_7feec60aCora-Blue: I thought I would be like some founders and wouldn’t have a shower or toilet!

snapshot_5feec196_5feec6ce snapshot_5feec196_3feec768

Cora-Blue meets her neighbors.  Instantly she buddies up to them. She’s a popularity sim. snapshot_5feec196_1feec86c snapshot_5feec196_9feec8af

Cora-Blue and John Mole hit it off in a different way than the rest of the neighbors.

snapshot_5feec196_bfeec928 snapshot_5feec196_5feec9c3 snapshot_5feec196_dfeeca34


It’s safe to say Cora-Blue might be in love. o;



Cora-Blue also becomes friends with Hannah Bell.

snapshot_5feec196_9feecdca snapshot_5feec196_9feece37


The next day Cora-Blue invited John over.



Since she’s so damn broke, I decide go ahead and let her marry John. He bought it in quite a bit of money.



They celebrate by woohooing on the sofa outside.. Classy.



Queue the vomiting..



snapshot_5feec196_bfeed7df snapshot_5feec196_dfeed924 snapshot_5feec196_3feedb93 snapshot_5feec196_9feeddaf snapshot_5feec196_3feeddc6


Here comes the first baby. :3



Cora-Blue: Have a great day honey!

John: You too!

snapshot_5feec196_ffeedf32 snapshot_5feec196_dfeee020 snapshot_5feec196_3feee063


The first baby is a girl, Arcadia.

snapshot_5feec196_bfeee18e snapshot_5feec196_dfeee24d


Can’t take the babies too long, so I usually instantly age them up. I dunno why or how she got that skin. But I don’t care.

snapshot_5feec196_3feee30a snapshot_5feec196_3feee32d snapshot_5feec196_ffeee334 snapshot_5feec196_3feee36e


snapshot_5feec196_ffeee5a3 snapshot_5feec196_dfeee67f snapshot_5feec196_3feee701 snapshot_5feec196_3feee76b snapshot_5feec196_dfeee965 snapshot_5feec196_ffeee977 snapshot_5feec196_bfeeebfa snapshot_5feec196_3feeec34


Arcadia aged up :3

snapshot_5feec196_bfeef278 snapshot_5feec196_bfeef2b7 snapshot_5feec196_dfeef56b snapshot_5feec196_7feef599 snapshot_5feec196_9feef788 snapshot_5feec196_5feef7e2 snapshot_5feec196_bfeef802 snapshot_5feec196_1feef84b


Cora-Blue is pregnant again, she also joins a food contest  and wins.

snapshot_5feec196_5feefbed snapshot_5feec196_bfeefc65 snapshot_5feec196_9feefcdc snapshot_5feec196_dfeefd05 snapshot_5feec196_5feefd37 snapshot_5feec196_3feefec5


Cora-Blue gets into gardening while pregnant. Sorry I forgot the new baby’s name ;_;



John: Dear Diary, I think my wife has been drinking heavily. She passes out through the house at all times.

snapshot_5feec196_bfef013a snapshot_5feec196_5fef01dd snapshot_5feec196_bfef01f6


Cora-Blue becomes quite the gardener. [insert witty ending here]


4 thoughts on “Sims 2: Allen Family Chapter 1

    • They age up pretty quickly, you can’t decide their age lengths. Adults last about 30 days I think. So you gotta be quick if you want the whole nine yards. But you can fulfil a lot in 30 days. I kinda like it like this sometimes. Too bad you missed it D: I’m still bummed I came in so late on it. It’s nothing like Sims 3, but there’s small stuff Sims 2 doesn’t have that makes me super happy.

      • I don’t know if I’d like the aging thing. If I’m not playing a challenge, I like the sims aging on epic LOL. But there are things I’ve seen in sims 2 that are really cool and wish that Sims 3 had them LOL

      • You really get used to it tbh xD There’s stuff like the exlir of life that you can prolong their lives.

        Oh Gah yes there’s so much they have that TS3 needs. It’s mostly small things. o; I’m fighting not to go back into it really. I gotta finish some stuff on TS3.

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