Sims 2: Allen Family Chapter 2: Beware of the outdoors

I’m in a Sims 2 mood, plus I’m still setting up a world in Sims 3 for my Wilders. So I really need some downtime playing so that’s where Sims 2 comes in.

I’m making quite the big jumps, because I end up playing more than I post!


We enter in on Cora-Blue and John’s love life. These two seriously can’t leave each other.. I mean that’s great and all, but no more freaking babies. They’re gonna be old soon. Cora-Blue won’t be so hot in her elder years holding some crying brat.

CB: Don’t hate dear..

John: More the better.

You’re saying that now… This Simmer knows best for her Sims. My word is law >:|


When John and Cora-Blue aren’t rumping around in bed or working, they’re wonderful parents.



Cora-Blue still gardens.

snapshot_5feec196_7ff1717e snapshot_5feec196_7ff171b7 snapshot_5feec196_9ff17305


Teagan aged up.



Shortly (I didn’t take a lot of pictures between Teagan’s birthday and Arcadia) after Teagan, Arcadia aged up to a teen. I sense good genes in this family.

snapshot_5feec196_1ff17f53 snapshot_5feec196_9ff183fe snapshot_5feec196_dff18a10 snapshot_5feec196_7ff18ac5 snapshot_5feec196_3ff18bfc


Things go fast in this family, Cora gets pregnant again, has a son finally. I named him Knox.

snapshot_5feec196_fff2e349 snapshot_5feec196_fff2e4d7


Did I mention John got the top of his career. So did Cora-Blue, but… I think that’s a spoiler D:

snapshot_5feec196_fff2e575 snapshot_5feec196_9ff2e580 snapshot_5feec196_7ff2e585 snapshot_5feec196_1ff2e599 snapshot_5feec196_7ff2e5cd


At her age, Arcadia wants to meet the fellas. She’s really feeling Amin, I wish I could say the same for him. ;-;

snapshot_5feec196_9ff2e628 snapshot_5feec196_9ff2e64a snapshot_5feec196_5ff2e656 snapshot_5feec196_5ff2e65a snapshot_5feec196_1ff2e690


She tries to ask him to go steady, but he says no.. Like a trooper she laughs it off and plays punch you with him.. Then afterwards she cries.. Poor bby.

snapshot_5feec196_5ff2e760 snapshot_5feec196_9ff2ea86


So at 4am, she makes omelettes.. to mend her heart.. Turning to food like a true heartbroken teenager.. She wakes the family up and makes them eat her amazing omelettes.



You don’t even want to know what they’re making jokes about.. e.e tsk.



Teagan, is the neatest child I’ve had in my game. I’ll be damned if I’m  going to make up my parents bed >:| I mean come on.. But power to her.



Weekends mean pjs for the Allen family. Well all except the kids.

snapshot_5feec196_dff2ebef snapshot_5feec196_5ff2ec11


I swear Cora’s bladder was full.. .-. yet she goes to pee just because her husband is in the shower.. Sims are something else.



I take my eyes off of John for five seconds and he gets sunburnt. I was fixing to send him to his new shop.. But.. I find out he’s sunburnt.



Since Amin is an asstwat, we find Arcadia a new man. Though I forget this guy’s name.. 😐 I gotta start making notes while playing.. But they hit it off, three bolts! He may end up being her husband or something.



Due to Teagan wishing to fish I gave them a little pond. They’re swimming in cash at the moment so a pond won’t hurt them.

snapshot_5feec196_1ff2f194 snapshot_5feec196_bff2f1b6




John: My father senses tell me some boy is trying to woo my little girl… I really should go threaten him.. But this bath is jut too nice.

snapshot_5feec196_5ff2f280 snapshot_5feec196_3ff2f2a1 snapshot_5feec196_fff2f2e7


Arcadia’s boyfriend is entertained by the fridge.. Yeah I said, it boyfriend!



I probably didn’t mention it, but Arcadia is an amazing big sister.

snapshot_5feec196_fff2f9f3 snapshot_5feec196_9ff2fa04


Soooo finally the Allen family make it to their store. It’s a grocery store. I gotta change the name. I’m thinking.. The Pink Elephant Produce? Random, yeah, but I like it.

snapshot_5feec196_fff2fd7f snapshot_5feec196_1ff2fd93


John and Cora go for a hike, and it does not end pretty, no matter how Cora’s face is trying to pretend.

snapshot_5feec196_7ff2fe2d snapshot_5feec196_7ff2ff66


Knox ages up, he have very few nice points so this might be interesting.



Tsk.. Tsk..



snapshot_5feec196_fff30353 snapshot_5feec196_7ff30506 snapshot_5feec196_dff3050e


Oy.. Cora’s a cook and she’s burning stuff.. tsk.

snapshot_5feec196_3ff306f5 snapshot_5feec196_5ff30700


Teagan aged up.

snapshot_5feec196_9ff308c8 snapshot_5feec196_1ff30994


Teagan discovers she has a taste for women only. So via magic ball she invites this chick. I forget her name too. I think it starts with a W.




Trying to get Knox into private school falls on Teagan’s shoulders since she’s the only one home at the time the headmaster comes by.





snapshot_5feec196_1ff33a47 snapshot_5feec196_fff33ad8


Did I mention that Teagan is a romance sims while Arcadia is a wealth sim. Well now I did.


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