Sims 2: Allen Family-Chapter 3: Don’t Trust a Slore


We start with Teagan having her romantic interest over. Her name is Willow. yay I finally remembered. She likes to play with their fridge.. Weirdo. (This chapter contains brief nudity and dirty words.)


I get Cora a sewing machine to keep her off John’s pogo stick.


snapshot_5feec196_fff4378d snapshot_5feec196_9ff437cb snapshot_5feec196_5ff4389e

John starts being at his store more often.

snapshot_5feec196_dff43fcb snapshot_5feec196_5ff44067

Of course a girl like Teagan, can’t be a one gal type. She’s gotta have a truck load of girls for her picking. She finds NPC Brandi. They’re only a two bolter, while she and Willow are a three bolter. Willow annoys me greatly and you’ll see why as you read on.


snapshot_5feec196_5ff4421e snapshot_5feec196_7ff4424c

This escalated quickly. Always like that with Romance Sims.


She moves on to her childhood friend Rosemarie. This is nothing big, just to fulfil a wish.



Knox: I’m not that impressed with being a teenager..

snapshot_5feec196_bff4466e snapshot_5feec196_9ff4467d

After this Cora-Blue and John have their birthdays.


Did I mention Knox has like one nice point?


I probably shouldn’t have given him that punching bag. But he needs something to workout his angry on.


Arcadia: Ugh mom.. Please you can’t even sing.. If you wish to sing to dad in your night gown please do it in YOUR room and not the common places. D:

Awh leave them alone, at least they’re still in love.



John always feels the need to workout.

John: I gotta stay sexy for Cora.




Cora becomes an expert at growing shizz.


Arcadia grew up she wasn’t too happy about not going to college. I refuse to send these kiddies to college. It gets old after a while. Esp when you have a lot of kids in the house. Plus I think it makes playing too easy.


She got more prettier I think.


The next day after aging up, Arcadia invites her boyfriend over. Skylar. This time I’ve jotted stuff down.

Arcadia asks him to move in, and  of course he says yes.

snapshot_5feec196_5ff45c15 snapshot_5feec196_bff45c22 snapshot_5feec196_9ff45c2a snapshot_5feec196_9ff45cd4 snapshot_5feec196_9ff45e53

Things escalate quickly as always!


While everyone is at school or work, Cora and John enjoy sitting at the table and talking like the elderly usually do.


Like father like son.

John: Dear Diary, my son has taken to copying me.. I believe he’s plotting to kill me.. Maybe I’m just paranoid..

Much… Very much.

Knox: Dear Diary, why do I keep getting boners whenever a Madonna song comes on? I mean… When borderline plays I lose my mind. Don’t get me started on like a virgin..


I think about here Teagan and Brandi are dating.


Money loving Arcadia wanted to open up her own business selling random crap.

snapshot_5feec196_dff46453 snapshot_5feec196_3ff4694f

Arcadia: I love being powerful.


I just can’t with these two.


Arcadia has been.. uhhh uncomfortable and tired lately, so this calls for a bubble bath.


It’s not what you think. Blondie isn’t into gals.

snapshot_5feec196_dff46dcd snapshot_5feec196_fff46dff snapshot_5feec196_fff46e63

Those pregnant motives…


I think Blondie’s name is Amy, but we’ll call her blondie for now. Knox hasn’t made any moves for any of the gals, but he is straight though. He just has other things on his mind before the ladies.


Pregnancy isn’t so easy for poor Arc.

snapshot_5feec196_bff470d1 snapshot_5feec196_dff470fb

Skylar: So this is really mine?

Arcadia: Duh!


As a hobby John starts writing stories about wayward monsters and the danger of strippers and tigers.


John: Sweetie maybe you should start taking vitamins or something.. Falling asleep in your dinner is never healthy.


Skylar: You stopped up the toilet.. How could you! *lecture, lecture, lecture*

Arcadia: Look.. I’m pregnant and the toilet and I aren’t getting along. Lay off!

Don’t let this fool you Skylar isn’t too bad.


I swear this is all Knox eats, cereal.

Knox: I ate Mac and Cheese once.. Besides my stomach is very sensitive so cereal is the only food so far to calm it.. Though I have to put water instead of milk, me and milk don’t get along.

Alrighty then.



I swear something is always getting set on fire here.. Better it be a tree than one of my Sims.

snapshot_5feec196_3ff47802 snapshot_5feec196_bff47831 snapshot_5feec196_3ff47893 snapshot_5feec196_7ff478af

Carver is born. This gen I’m gonna try to wait for the babies birthdays.


When Teagan isn’t playing the field she’s searching the sky for stuff.




Knox: How did this end up in my arms.. I DO NOT WANT..



Cora proves to be an amazing grandmother.


snapshot_5feec196_5ff53aa0 snapshot_5feec196_7ff53b38

Teagan gets caught red headed by Brandi. Willow seems to enjoy the drama.

snapshot_5feec196_9ff53c1a snapshot_5feec196_3ff53c71

They argue outside for a bit.


snapshot_5feec196_1ff54337 snapshot_5feec196_dff5436a snapshot_5feec196_bff543d9

Carver has his birthday. He defo has his father’s face.


Teagan aged up, she took the whole not going to college better than Arcadia.


snapshot_5feec196_dff545f2 snapshot_5feec196_bff54624 snapshot_5feec196_7ff546e2 snapshot_5feec196_7ff54744

This was not planned.


Carver: Pay Attention to me! Now!

Here’s to hoping to he grows into his face. I believe he will.


Willow moves in for whatever reason. I like her, but you’ll see why she annoys me.


snapshot_5feec196_9ff55556 snapshot_5feec196_dff55589

Knox: Gross!

I find it so funny that the teens get disgusted about their parents romantic moves.


Brandi and Teagan meet up again. At first it does not go well..


Brandi is mad, but she still has the hots for Tea.


They forgive and forget. Brandi moves in.


It becomes like old times again, sticking each others hands into their breast.

snapshot_5feec196_3ff55b34 snapshot_5feec196_fff55b45 snapshot_5feec196_7ff55bde

Though.. Brandi can’t help but remember the redheaded temptress kissing the love of her life.


I get the family a hot tub.

snapshot_5feec196_bff56582 snapshot_5feec196_5ff565ed snapshot_5feec196_9ff56621

You know Teagan had to corrupt the hot tub. I heard a jingle..


Tea: So I might be pregnant.. I was holding hands in the hot tub with Brandi. That’s my story, I’m sticking with it.



This might be around the time Arcadia and her little family moves out. I rolled 1-3 and it landed on 2, so Teagan is our heir. This should be an interesting generation.

snapshot_5feec196_9ff56b01 snapshot_5feec196_3ff56b06

So.. well then..


snapshot_5feec196_dff56be9 snapshot_5feec196_bff56bfb snapshot_5feec196_bff56c18 snapshot_5feec196_3ff56c23

Teagan kept having wishes to get married to Brandi or Willow. I picked Brandi. I like her more. This is also her fear.

snapshot_5feec196_bff56fb6 snapshot_5feec196_fff57041 snapshot_5feec196_fff571a9 snapshot_5feec196_3ff573f2

Teagan and Willlow go out to profess their love without Brandi there to get upset. And to also work on John’s store. Also to visit Arcadia’s.

snapshot_5feec196_dff5777a snapshot_5feec196_9ff57957

Willow is helpless and it is getting annoying. She doesn’t do anything for herself. Always passing out.. Tsk.


So Willow is too lazy to take a shower or go to sleep, yet she’s okay with kissing Teagan’s arm..? Seriously? And right in front of Brandi.

Brandi: What the fuck..

snapshot_5feec196_fff579f0 snapshot_5feec196_fff57a07

Tea: I’m so sorry.. That wasn’t my fault.. Willow is like that, she still thinks we have something. But we don’t. Once she has the baby she’s out.

Brandi: I can’t stay mad at you..

snapshot_5feec196_7ff581e9 snapshot_5feec196_bff58260

Cora can’t contain her joy of being a grandmother again.

snapshot_5feec196_bff582e5 snapshot_5feec196_1ff58545



Willow is a pain in the ass.. I swear.. e.e There are two showers on the lot. Yet she decides to show everyone out of the kitchen but Tea so she can sponge bathe. I mean come on. Afterwards she passes out still naked.. I didn’t think you guys had to see that so I didn’t take any pictures. She passed out in front of the fridge so boy was John angry.

snapshot_5feec196_9ff588dc snapshot_5feec196_7ff58c9c snapshot_5feec196_bff58cfc

I’m not sure which one this, but the is one of the twins. They’re names are Casper and Nemo. That might be Nemo.

snapshot_5feec196_dff59076 snapshot_5feec196_fff591d9

I felt Knox should go ahead and age  up and move out. Isn’t he handsome.




Brandi: Finally this bitch is out of here! Hurry up! This is my house, and my wife’s tramp isn’t going to be living here.


Maid: What the hell.. I DID NOT SIGN UP for this. There are bottles everywhere.. Up WITH THIS SHIT I WILL NOT PUT! (She-Devil Reference)

Cora: Look at my grandbabies Luis! Aren’t they so cute! Could you pick that one up.. Her mother put her down on the floor to go watch her tramp give birth.

Maid: My NAME is not Luis! And that is not part of my job description! I hate children. I’m tired of cleaning up after this family and your Slore of a daughter!

Cora: My hearing isn’t as good as it used to be.. I’ll have to talk to you later Luis.

Maid: *twitches*


The other two babies, yes two more.. Ridic right.. But they’re names are Viola and Caspian. I kicked Willow out and kept the babies.

Brandi, mostly just Brandi celebrate the fact that Willow is gone by dancing.


After the babies are born I decide that I am done fooling with the main Allen family, I moved on to one of the spares. Arcadia and her family.

snapshot_fff5a57e_bff5a6c9The last post is of these two rumping around in bed. Sorry for all the nudity I tried to avoid most of it being seen.


4 thoughts on “Sims 2: Allen Family-Chapter 3: Don’t Trust a Slore

    • They sure do.. I mean seriousssly. @_@ They reminded me of this ep of springer I once saw. The thing is most of this is on their own xD I really had to get rid of Willow to keep the peace plus she doesn’t go to bed.. Like she’ll be tired and she’ll decide to use her freewill to do other stuff E_E Hopefully Teagan can be good now. I saw her out of my control when I was in a different household she was doing something she shouldn’t have been xD

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