Ghost Town Rounds: Blondie Round One


So I’ve been using this Randomizer thingie Deedee showed me. Giving me random situations for my Sims. Two of the Blondie’s are by Slyndsey and Tilda was made by Sadepaiva. In CAS, Isaac and Tilda had two CAS kids. Owen and Dolores (named after Lolita from the book Lolita).


Isaac Blondie is still trying to hold onto the last pieces of his youth, his wife Tilda is pushing for another baby, as far as Isaac is concerned his child-rearing days are over. Isaac’s sister moved in with them until she got on her feet, Tilda hopes that Marcie’s uncouth ways don’t rub off on the children. Owen is just settling into his teens, his parents are worried that he spends too much time gazing up at the sky through a telescope, instead of meeting people is own age. Everyone loves Dolores, everyone sees her as an angel. Though Owen knows first hand how much of a brat little sisters can be. (my attempts at a bio)

The ROS roll said that, one of the sims would try to make a living off of date gifts, I figured Marcie would be perfect for that and the other part too. Having a baby. Though spoiler alert only one of these happened. But I might let her do that for now on try to get gifts out of dates for a living. Anyway on with it!GT_1.16_2

Dolores begged for a dog, so the family took her down to the pet shop to find one. She fell in love with Oliver instantly. I think the whole family likes him pretty much. Instead of heading home, they all hung out around the store meeting the local Sims.


Well until Dolores got cranky.. Calm down kid D: There’s something about her that seems so freaking mean! D: Plus I think she has very few nice points..


Marcie met the owner of the pet shop, Chess. Though Chess is married, this didn’t stop Marcie from flirting.. >.> I kept canceling her action, but Marcie kept on. I’m surprised they didn’t take advantage of ACR and got it on in the photo booth.


Believe it or not, Tilda has a favorite child.. Owen seems to occupy her wants instead of Dolores. Owen might be my favorite too. xD he’s so adorable. Wait til you see close ups of him.


Marcie: So.. um,you come here much cutie?

Chess: Of course.. I own the place.. *swoons*


Bad Oliver!:|


Marcie begins her haunt. Starting with the dreaded Matchmaker. AAAAAHHHHHHH!

GT_1.16_12 GT_1.16_13 GT_1.16_14

Let’s say that Marcie and Tamara’s date goes extremely well. There even was a jingle.. o;

GT_1.16_15 GT_1.16_16

Dolores brings home Napoleon Morrison home from school. Dolores finally has a friend, of course after she holds him at gun point.. >.>


Marcie and Isaac find amusement out of watching Owen eat.

Isaac: I bet you can finish that Mac & Cheese in a minute!

Marcie: Bonus points if you get a noodle in your nose!

I’m pretty sure Isaac and Marcie will never grow up.


I told you guys that Owen is super cute D: He’s into the fellas, but so far I can’t find any townies that fit his likes.. I found one, but I can’t find him. And Owen hasn’t met him. I’ve decided if I send Owen to college I’ll find his special someone that way. I might even add some teens to the next family.


Marcie: Oops. Perhaps I wasn’t as careful as I should be. Oh well, maybe  I can get child support out of this. I’ll take that bitch for everything she’s got!


God Isaac is so handsome. But he’s in trouble. He was spying on his neighbors.. Shelby and Chess.

Shelby: What my wife and I do in private, is our business! We can see you over here with your damn telescope!

Isaac: *Ignores*

GT_1.16_21 GT_1.16_22 GT_1.16_23

Marcie doesn’t let her pregnancy stop her, she meets her new victim Marsha. Like that chick from the Brady Bunch (my least favorite Brady Bunchion :|) Sadly Marsha doesn’t give us fancy gifts, just stupid flowers she probably found on someone’s grave.  Marcie didn’t appreciate her cheapness.



Since she’s in her last stage, Marcie feels she should tell Tamara about their baby.


Isaac: YES I’m going to be an uncle! Finally! >:|

Marcie: Shut up you idiot!


Tamara: I didn’t even know I was going to be a mother til, like a day ago!


So Rhys was born, his mothers weren’t very excited, but Isaac definitely was.


Before leaving to wherever she’s from, Tamara attempted to get to know her son.  I had more, well I thought I did, but I guess that’s it. What happened that didn’t get pictures is, Tilda found out she was pregnant, had a baby boy, his name is Max (I couldn’t think of a better one I gotta start back referring to my name list especially for the fellas), Marcie and her son and the cat who didn’t get to many pictures, actually none at all. I think I have two more families to set down and play a round before going back to Marcie.


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